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Zenton (Zendaya/Kenton) also Kendaya (Kenton/Zendaya) is the real-life pairing of Zendaya and Kenton Duty. They are great friends. They are also known as their characters Rocky and Gunther on Shake It Up and their pairing name, Runther.

Zendaya and Kenton Moments

  • Zendaya Coleman and Kenton Duty are currently close friends.
  • Kenton has taken part to Zendaya's new official music video of "Swag It Out".
  • Also, he was present at Zendaya's 15th birthday party in September.
  • Zendaya and Kenton were together at the 2011 Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party. (see on
  • When asked to describe Zendaya in three words, Kenton said "Growing just as fast as me, Like a little sister, Sweet inside and out".
  • They both attended the TCA afterparty and took pictures together with fans.
  • Zendaya and Kenton (along with Roshon) are the tallest members of the Shake It Up cast.
  • Kenton mentioned Zendaya In an interview saying they are both like skyscrapers.
  • Kenton called Zendaya "Daya" as a nickname when meeting fans.
  • Kenton said he bought Hello Kitty stickers for a girl when she was sick. Zendaya loves Hello Kitty so it could have been her.
  • You can tell Zendaya and Kenton are very close from behind the scenes of Shake It Up videos.
  • Zendaya and Kenton both like to keep things private. (Look at interviews)
  • Zendaya & Kenton both like playing basketball. Basketball being Zenton's sport.
  • Kenton favorites a lot of tweets about him and Zendaya together
  • Kenton supports Zendaya probably the most out of the Shake It Up Cast

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