Bet it up is the first episode of season 4

(plot) when tinka makes a bet with rocky she can say yes to the next question someone asks her it all turns around when ty then asks her if she will go on a date with him

(notes) there is a lot of tynka in this episode , ty and tinka will kiss in this episode , gunther is shown video chatting with tinka in this episode , ty and tinka start dating secretly in this episode

(video chat scene) tinka: hey gunther  gunther: hello sister how have you been  tinka: not good actully  gunther: why little sis  tinka: i made a bet with rocky and now i have to go on a date with gross ty  gunther: (shocked)  tinka: yeah i gotta go bye little brother  gunther: bye

(date scene) ty: hello tinka you ready to go to the movie  tinka: yes lets get this over with  (at the movies) ty: two tickets to titanic  tinka: im going get popcorn ty okay  ty: okay (inside the movie) tinka: i love this movie  ty: yeah its great (they kiss as music from the movie plays)

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