Jacob Hessenheffer is the 14 year old cusion of Tinka and Gunther and is in love with with CeCe Jones.


Jacob Hessenheffer is the cusion of Tink and Gunther who is madly in love with CeCe Jones he thinks of her as a scary person but that doesn't stop him he really likes her CeCe is the only one who doesn't know of his crush on her Rocky Ti Tinka Gunther Flynn and Deuce are the only ones who know Rocky decides to tell CeCe but CeCe ignores Rocky then later CeCe becomes awear after Jacob had wrote a love note for her and she confronts him starting with I love you too. He gets two nicknames Jake and Spyro the reason most people call him Spryo is because he normaly is seen drawing Spyro and it's reference to Spyro the Dragon.


CeCe Jones: Jacob has been madly in love with her since preschool.

Rocky Blue: Jacob has a very close friendship with Jacob since they was little.

Tinka Hessenheffer: Jacob loves his cusion very much but she is out raged by the fact that he likes CeCe

Deuce Martinez: Deuce finds Jacob very cool.

Ty Blue: Jacob finds Ty strange.

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