Hay guys! 

Since my season 4 is ending soon and before that, I really want to make three special lost episodes, I had a funny and good idea! :D

First of all the 25th episode will be a crossover with Austin and Ally! :D

Second of all, the 27th episode will be the last episode and will end with Ty's graduation! :D

And now, the big surprise is... The 26th episode will be a collab! :D

I don't know, how the episode will look yet and everything but I want to have one of my loyal readers, who's writing the episode with me! :)

If you want to write the 26th episode with me or also known as the second last episode and read the whole season 4 (I'll make a quiz for that, to see if it's true) then write me a PM at fan fiction. net! :)

I'd love to make one collab episode with one of my loyal readers and I hope that you'll like to make to one with me! :D

In the message should also stand, why I should write it with you and your idea for the episode :)

Love you guys as always xx

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