Hey guys, again a blog here. Sorry for the much blogs, but i wanted to post it in my just finished Kickin' it story tomorrow.

Well, since not everybody, who watches SIU, also watches Kickin' it, i thought i'll write it also here, before my SIU stories are ending.

Well, like i said my story'' Jealous 'ended today and my Shake it up, Season 4- All or nothing and my story Here we go again it up are also ending soon and i thought New Year. New Luck.

That's why i am asking: Is someone still interested in a collab?

After the thing with WhiteFlag went downhills (Not because we're to stupid to write collabs or something like this, had more 'private' reasons) i first was completely against collabs but if you guys have an account at fan fiction net, time and someone is still interested, i may want to consider again :)

If you want to write me a PM there or here at the blog and why you want to write a collab with me :)

Love you guys as always xx

P.S.: My name at fan fiction. net is also Grace-1997

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