Hay Guys ! :)

I don't know, if it's also here (didn't see it so far) but one thing is bothering me since a really long time at the fan fiction side. Most of you probably know the story, that WhiteFlag01 once stole a story from me and everything. There was the first time were i really saw that crap the first time at

We didn't even have the chance to talk about this and people started going against both of us, as if it was their fight and insulted us. I think that seriously is crap and was just none- sense. That is cyber mobbing and everything but okay and it freaking hurts. I'm not stupid and nobody can tell me, that it just goes past them. 

Sure, it was a huge fault and everything and i think i was the last person who was happy about it but that's no reason to start cyber mobbing. It gives no reason to start this. It's cruel and destroyes other people. I've been bullied myself for over 10 years in school and cyber mobbing is even worse. 

I know, the story is meanwhile at it's end but that isn't the first one that happened (i'm sure of that) and i know, that it'll also be not the last one. Guys seriously just stop the whole thing! (the mobbing in general) You hurt people and nobody deserves comments like 'Go dying' or something like this.  

Cyber mobbing is the worst thing here on wiki and fan fiction. net that you can do and it just freaking hurts. I know, what i'm talking about. 

Especially when it's only, because you don't like a couple. I mean seriously, if you don't like the couple, don't read the story! It gives people who for sure love this couple and want to read the story and the author may stop at some point, because he is finished because of the bad reviews! :/

Please guys, i mean it. Stop this. If you want to, you can laugh about me now or insult my stories, i don't care. That's my opinuon and it's final.


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