Plot:Chyna,Olive,Fletcher,Lexi and Angus fly to Chicago for Chyna who got invited to sing on Shake It Up, Chicago.There they meet CeCe,Rocky,Gunther,Tinka,Deuce,Dina and Ty who show them the Chicago.Then,the gang has fun and in the end Chyna,Lexi,CeCe,Rocky and Tinka sing a song.

Rocky:Hey,CeCe,Good Morning.Are you ready to go to the airport to take the ANTs?

CeCe:Rocky,is it so neseccary to take them?Why not Gary?

Rocky:Cause....we need to take the spotlight dance and to show Gary how responsible we are.

CeCe:Ok,that's a good option.

(music starts)

Chyna:Wow.This airport is so cool.

Olive:Yes,according to a survey this is the most beautiful airport in the world.

Fletcher:Would you ever stop that?

Olive:Haha...No(mad look)

Agnus:And it has good food.

Lexi:Guys,I hate Chicago.


Lexi:Cause....they haven't AVON here.

CeCe:Hey,you must be Chyna Parks

Chyna:And you are CeCe and Rocky,right?

CeCe and Rocky:Yeah.And here is Flynn and Gunther and she is Tinka.

(Tinka and Lexi speaking)

Chyna:Oh,Lexi you found a friend.

Lexi and Tinka:YEAHHH

In CeCe's place.

Rocky:Well,we made arrangement for rooms.

Tinka with Lexi

CeCe,me and Chyna and Olive

Agnus,Fletcher and Flynn.

Next day,

Gary:Hey,guys.I see you are a team now.

Chyna:Yeah,me and the girls have similarities.As Tinka with Lexi.

Gary:That's good.Cause you six will perform a song.

Girls:WHAT????????That's awesome.

Gary:Ok,that's good reaction

Boys:What are you waiting?Give your best.

Then,they perform a song.


Mark:Hey,Rocky.(he kissed her)

Rocky:Hey,Mark,come to meet you to the ANTs.Here is Chyna,Olive,Lexi,Fletcher and Agnus.

ANTs:Nice to meet you.

Ty:It seems that it would be a perfect weekend.


Then,they threw a party

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