Plot:CeCe and Rocky are both in a bad mood after their fight so the gang decides to comfort them and befriend them.Ty,Mark,Deuce and Dina try to convince Rocky to befriend with CeCe,when Gunther,Tinka and Logan try to change CeCe's mind.What will happen/Will their friendship come back?


CeCe:Good morning,Tinka.

Tinka:CeCe?Are you better?

CeCe:No,I am so sad and.......(crying)

Tinka:No,CeCe.Everything will be repaired.


Tinka:Sure why not?


Ty:Hey,Rocks!Are you fine?

Rocky:No so much.(crying)

Ty:Hey,sis.No crying.Everything wil okay again.

Rocky:I am not sure.


Ty:Okay,guys that is not cool.

Tinka:yeah,The girls cry all the time.

Gunther:What we should do?

Deuce:Gunther is right.What we will do to befriend them?

Logan:Maybe....speak to them and try to convince them to befriend with each other.

Dina:That's a great idea


Logan:Okay,I,Gunther and Tinka will go to CeCe.And the others will go to Rocky.


In CeCe's place

CeCe:Hey,guys come in.

Gunther:Hey,my love.How are you?

CeCe:Not well.

Logan:Actually,we are here for that.

CeCe:For what?

Tinka:About you and Rocky.CeCe,you are best friends 12 years now.I think you should continue it.Do you agree guys?

Logan and Gunther:Of course,Tinka is right.

CeCe:Okay I will go to see her.


Mark:Rocky.You and CeCe are best friends since you were 5.I think you should apologize to each other.

Deuce:Mark is right.

Dina:Yeah.You and CeCe are the best together.

Rocky:Guys.Please,I have to go on a friend to solve a problem(happy)



CeCe:Rocky:Sorry about my behavior.

Rocky:No,I am sorry.I thought that you didn't like Mark but I was wrong about my....bestlie.

CeCe:Awwww,I love you,Rocky Blue.


(Friendly hug)

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