Plot:Rocky asks CeCe if she wants to come on a double-date with her at the cafeteria(since she is Gunther's girlfriend now).But,she refuses saying that she hasn't the mood to go.Then,Rocky asks her if she doesn't like Mark and they start a big fight leading them heartbroken.Meanwhile,Ty and Tinka exchange presents for new year.

CeCe:Good morning Ms.Blue

Rocky:Hey CeCe

CeCe:Guess what.I and Gunther exchanged presents and kisses.

Rocky:Oh my god,will you ever stop to talk about about your boyfriend?

CeCe:(disturbed face)

(music starts)

Ty:Hey,babe do you wanna start to exchange presents?

Tinka:Ok,I will start

(Passionate kiss)

TY:Ok,the best present I ever had.

Tinka:I have you 1 more too

(a big box with recording gadgets)

Ty:OMG.This is awesome.I love it.Thanks babe.

(2nd kiss)

Tinka:You 're welcome.Where's your present?

Ty:Here it is.

(sparkly outfits)

Tinka;OMG.That is the best present ever.

(big hug)

Later on.

Rocky:Hey,CeCe do you wanna come on a double date with us?

CeCe:No,I can't

Rocky:Ohh,the same.Why I was asking?

CeCe:hey.What do you mean by that?

Rocky:You know.I think that you don't like Mark


Rocky:Don't hide it.You don't like anyone except YOURSELF


Rocky:OR WHAT?


Rocky leaves...

Tinka:what happened?

CeCe:(crying)I hate her so much we had a fight

On Rocky's place...


Ty:What happened sis?

Rocky:CeCe and I had a fight.I hate her.

Ty:Relax sis.Everything will be fine.

Rocky:No.From now we are enemies.


CeCe:i promise to myself that I won't speak again to Raquel Blue

Tinka:CeCe,calm down we will fix that.

CeCe:I don't think so.

(Then,she went to sleep)

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