As some of you know, some of the SIU pairing pages (mainly GeCe, Tynka and Runther) have been vandalized by some lowlifes who seem to have a problem with some certain SIU parings (mainly Tynka) or just do it to try and accomplish something (which they won't). I would like to suggest a few things:

  • When someone new joins the wiki, the admins (or other users) should ask them if they've viewed the SIU Wiki before becoming a member and if they are aware of the vandalism.
  • New wiki members should be checked to make sure they are not the same person who vandalized the SIU pairing pages with a different username.
  • Immediatly block the user responsible for vandalizing certain SIU pairings. (or any other SIU Wiki pages)

I hope these can be useful.

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