Okay, so I got two comments for plots and just spent the last half-hour of my life merging those ideas together. So, here is the result, otherwise know as, the plot to this FanFic called Fortune It Up!:

CeCe goes to a fortune teller because she wants to know when she’ll get out of her ever-present funk. The fortune instead tells her about her ‘funky love-life’. TFT says that CeCe has a secret admirer that she will dream about that night.

When CeCe dreams about Gunther that night she freaks out, returning to TFT with Rocky this time, so TFT can read Rocky’s fortune. When TFT nails Rocky’s personality and past, CeCe has her read her one more time. TFT says the CeCe will next hug her admirer and they will kiss at CeCe’s house the next week.

CeCe spends her next few days completely avoiding Gunther and TFT’s prediction. But when Gary has CeCe and Gunther do a dance since he liked the first one they did (Split it Up!) so much, Gunther and CeCe hug out of pure joy that they didn’t mess up in front of their fellow cast members.

Realizing that TFT’s final prediction is growing nearer and nearer, CeCe goes back to TFT to ask if there is anyway to change her fate. TFT tells CeCe that she is too tense and to let what happens happen.

So, obviously, more stuff happens after that, but I’m too lazy to figure it out now.

Anyway, to give this Fic some direction, I wrote the entire first scene. So, here is the begining:

Shake It Up! has been burned down for MONTHS now, but I’m still in a funk. An eternal funk.

I think it’s the fact that I thought I’d started the fire that’s annoying me so much. Even though I know I didn’t and everyone else knows, too, it’s just a strong feeling of guilt. Like when your grandfather dies of lung cancer or something and you think it’s all your fault for not telling him that smoking eats you alive.

The other day Deuce told me that his great aunt just started working as a psychic and she could defiantly tell me how and when my funk would end. I figured there is no harm in visiting someone, and that is why I’m standing outside of Madame Martinez’s shop right now.

So that's the start. Hope you like and continue in the comments!!

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