Hey guys! Well, as you all already know, Shake It Up is sadly, coming to an end. We have all loved this show, dearly, and will miss it. There has been comments on pages talking about there being a spin off for SIU. This hasn't been announced or confirmed yet, but it got me thinking; if there was a spin off, what would happen? What would it be about? Would it have the same characters? Would it still revolve around dancing? I have seen plenty of comments about spin off ideas, and I love them all! And I'd love to hear more ideas. So if you have an idea for a spin off, tell me about it in the comment section. Tell me about characters, title, setting, actors that you picture playing new characters (if there are any), episode plot ideas you may have in mind, everything! As a HUGE Shake It Up fan, I would love for there to be a spin off! And if one was made, I would watch it every single day, no matter what it was about. I do have one idea for a spin off. Please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading and please share your ideas with the fans! :)

My Idea

Title: Shake It Up; Next Generation

Characters: Rocky Colepress (Zendaya); Mark Colepress (Trevor Jackson); Ty Blue (Roshon Fegan); Tinka Blue (Caroline Sunshine); Deuce Martinez (Adam Irigoyen); L.J Hunter (Davis Cleveland); Logan Hunter (Leo Howard); Dina Martinez (Ainsley Bailey); Troy Blue (Benjamin Flores Jr.); Jessica Colepress (Ski Jackson); Dlyan Martinez; Erica Martinez; Luis Martinez; D.J Martinez; Gabriel Martinez; Christian Martinez; Carlos Martinez; Nial Martinez; 

Setting: Chicago

Series: It's been several years since the high school reunion, and the gang is together again when they move to Chicago with their families! Deuce and Dina are married with their 8 kids, Ty and Tinka are happily married with their ten year old son, Rocky is married to Mark with her nine year old daughter, and Logan is married to Cece (who will be on tour since Bella ended her contract with DC) and has his L.J. Now they all live on the same block, and go on crazy adventures like before. With the kids all going to school together, dealing with drama with friendships, dancing, romance and more! And things really get interesting when Shake It Up Chicago reopens after being shut down for almost 20 years, and is looking for new young dancers. And the adults have their own adventures together too, as well as bringing back some of their old memories from high school! 

Guest Stars: Flynn Jones (Billy Unger); Cece Jones (Bella Thorne; in other later seasons); Gunther Hessenhefer (Kenton Duty); John (Atticus Shaffer; school friend); Kristen (Ciara Bravo; school friend); Emily Martinez (Selena Gomez; Deuce's sister) Samantha (Elizabeth Gillies; Flynn's girlfriend)

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