Hey guys my name is Hannah aka Ilovevictorious0909 and I'm new to this wiki I'm gonna be on the wiki mostly this week so if you have a problem just write on my talk page. I'm here to talk about a problem. The problem is that the wiki needs clearing up. I am not trying to be mean. I am just trying to help fix the wiki and please do not shout at me.<3

Firstly I think that we should get rid of 'a wiki contributor' (anonymous comments) because it can lead to ship warring by anonymous people and you cannot stop them. If we do this action then we should delete all the comments by 'a wiki contributor'.

Secondly we should have more admins (aka administrators) because their is not enough. On some wiki's their is always an admin online. I think we should have more admins online because there may be some trouble and an admin needs to block them but their not there. So the members would have to put up with the trouble for a few hours till an admin actually blocks them. I think that there are two people who deserve to be admins IloveDxC and also Beckward as they are some of the people on the leader board who are not admins.

Thirdly I think that the pages should be updated more as some pages haven't been updated in a while and the admins should do that. Also I think that we should change some of the pairing pages because almost all of them say '_____ is the one of the most popular couples on Shake it Up' I think it should be '____ is the most 1st popular ship on Shake it Up' or '____ is the second most popular ship on Shake it up'. To resolve this problem we should have a blog which is counting the ships. I am thinking about making a blog like that.

On the other hand I think the wiki is a good wiki and I like the design and also they have voting for featured articles which is good and also the wiki is still active so that's a good thing :)

Okay now you have listened to my talking please leave a comment telling me what you think and please don't block me from the wiki okay bye guys :]<3

Ps sorry for my bad grammar :)

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