Since there is so much activity on the shipping pages, especially the major ships, I was talking with another user about assigning one or two ambassadors to each of the following pages. These ambassadors would approve any major changes before they happened to the page (except for admin edits), keep arguments at bay, try to keep their page active and fun, and welcome new users coming to their page. These users do not have to be admins. :)

This is also useful in following this wiki rule: "In show pairing pages such as Reuce, ReCe, etc, content is fan opinion. Make sure the content of the pages is agreed upon by the pairing's fan community." This way there would be pairing representatives that would be voted on by the pairing communities to make sure the content is approved.

Feel free to nominate qualified users for the following ships (or suggest other ships you think should have ambassadors).

  • DeCe
  • Deucina
  • GeCe
  • Reuce
  • Runther
  • Tynka

I'll take nominations for ReCe and Cy as well if someone wants to get those pages active. :)

I'm going to leave nominations open for the rest of the weekend. Votes will be December 10th-14th with the new ambassadors starting their duties next Saturday. There will be templates for each ambassador to use on their profile. :)

New Nomination

Nominations for Rogan Ambassador are now closed.

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