It's that time that we need to get the wiki in it's best shape so that it is presentable with all the facts for the future visitors who happen to stumble upon this or decide to check out what Shake It Up is about.

First up: Character Pages

Character Page Discussion (Commenting Timeline November 13th through 18th)

Here's some of my thoughts on how to improve and clean up the character pages. I've been visiting some wikis for completed shows and I have some thoughts of my own, so here goes.

  • Have a poll for the quote at the top of each page so that we can make sure it's a majority favorite.
  • Keep the intro. simple and spoiler free. (We want this wiki to be friendly to people unfamiliar with the show)
  • The infoboxes are way too clunky. Take out any information that will be repeated below. Decide on the content that should stay. The way they are now they just go on forever and mess up the page's formatting.
  • Fill in the personality, changes, and Shake It Up, Chicago! areas completely.
  • Include all relationships including family relationships in the relationships section.
  • In the relationships segment, on the header line, have a season by season, one or two word description of the character's relationship. Example: (on CeCe's bio: Flynn Jones (All Seasons: Brother) Tinka Hessenheffer (Seasons 1&2: Frenemeny; Season 3: Friend)
  • Fill out the relationship section chronologically and completely.
  • Move some of the information from the infobox into the actual biography.
  • Chronologically organize trivia and quotes.

An unnecessary, but potentially worthwhile endeavor, adding portal images to the current portals.

Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to working through this process with you!

Character Page Quotes

You can find a blog to post your nominations for character page quotes here.

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