Friday the 13th It Up (December 13, 2013):

Note - This is a one-hour special


Cece, her family, Gary, Dina and the gang finds a camp at a countryside, so they all apply , when they got there they went into their own rooms and meet Ashley (Taylor Swift) but when they went in there is blood everywhere but they thought is just paint, so they didn't care. At night, they heard a screaming noise coming from Ashley's room but when they went in they saw blood and most importantly Jason!!!! Will they be able to survive or it's just a dream???

Cece - hey guys I just found a very good camping site that we can spend the vacation

ALL - Yay

Cece - this camp is in a countryside so it might be so silent

Rocky - ok, guys let's start packing

-Shake it up theme song plays-

-Shake It Up dancer dances-

Rocky - man, tomorrow is the camp

Cece - I know, have you got everything packed?

Rocky - no, not yet

Gary - WHAT CAMP??

Rocky - emmmm is a camp from the countryside, is called Sunshine Camp

Gary - what??? That camp is dangerous

Rocky - how??

Gary - the legend says the camp was haunted by a man called Jason, he kills people whoever goes into that camp, especially at NIGHT!

Rocky - that's not true, is a legend, is not a real thing

Gary - fine, I will go too and prove that you were wrong

-then at camp-

Cece - here we are, Sunshine camp

Rocky - mmmm doesn't look creepy at ALL

Gary - you'll see

-then a girl walks in-

Cece - oh hi what's ur name

Ashley - I am Ashley

Ty - you just look like Taylor Swift

Ashley - really, everyone says that, anyway WELCOME TO SUNSHINE CAMP!

Deuce - this place is amazing

Flynn - omg is that jet ski!!

Ashely - yes

Flynn - oh my gosh!

Tinka and Gunther - where's our cabins?

Ashely - right this way!

Tinka and Gunther - woah!!!! This is the best cabin I have ever seen

Ashley - thanks

Gary - wanna share a room together


Gary - ok!!! I am just asking

Dina - wow I love this camp

-then Cece looks at the wall-

Cece - wait is this blood?

Rocky - no is not blood

Ashley - no is not

Rocky - see

Dina - it maybe just a paint

Gary - or is Jason

Rocky - Gary, for the last time is not JASON! It just paint

Ashely - well if you need me I will be in cabin no. 10, oh here's your keys, cabin no. 13

Rocky - emmm, cabin no. 13?

Ashley - yes, this is the only cabin available

Cece - but isn't 13 bad luck especially on today?

Ashley - maybe who knows

Rocky - anyways, thanks for the keys

Ashely - no problem

Rocky - let's start unpack

Cece - I am so excited for this weekend, is gonna be the best!

-then at night-

-when they are all asleep, suddenly-

Ashley - AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

-then Rocky jumps up-

Rocky - Cece, wake up

Cece - WHAT?

Rocky - I heard a scream

Cece - it's nothing, is probably Deuce sees a spider

Deuce - hello I am right here

Cece - oh never mind


ALL - WHAT!!!!!

Rocky - something is wrong

-then they all go to cabin no. 10-


-then everyone sees Ashley died on the floor-

Cece - I am starting to think this camp is actually HAUNTED

Gary - told ya

-then the door closes-

-they all look at the door-

Rocky - ok, we have to leave this camp NOW!!!

-then they all run back to cabin no. 13-

Rocky - what happened!

Cece - our stuff is all torn apart

Ty - emmm, what is that behind you Deuce and Dina

-then they looks behind-

Deuce and Dina - AHHHHHHH

ALL - RUN!!!!!!!

-then they all run into the woods separately-

Deuce - we are safe

-then he hear chainsaw-

Deuce - no we're not

Dina - please don't kill us

Deuce - bye Dina

Dina - bye Deuce

-then they died-

Gary - the legend is real

Goregia - OH NO WE ARE GONNA DIE!!!!

-then everyone started running until they see each other-

Rocky - there you guys are

Ty - where's Deuce and Dina?

Tinka - let's go and find then

Boys - Deuce????

Girls - Dina???

Gunther - any signs yet

Tinka - no

-then they hear chainsaw-

Flynn - oh no! He is close

Rocky - guys we have to run!

-then they all runs until-

Goregia and Gary - HELP!!!!!!

Tinka - I am going to help them

Rocky - Tinka, nooooooo

Ty - I am coming with you

Gunther - be careful out there sis

Tinka - I will

-then they hear chainsaw again-

Ty and Tinka - RUN!!!!!!

-then Rocky, Cece, Gunther and Flynn runs-

Rocky - is down to us now

Cece - I am scared

Flynn - you telling me I think I just wet my pants, I gotta go to change

-then he walks away-

Cece - NO! Gunther can you help him?

Gunther - fine! Wait Flynn

-then Gunther leaves-


Flynn and Gunther - AHHHHHH

Rocky and Cece - OH NO!!!!

-then they runs but suddenly they are lost-

Cece - ROCKY!!!!!

Rocky - where are you?

Cece - ROCKY???

Rocky - CECE???


Rocky - Cece where are you?

-then she looks behind-



-but this was all a dream-

-then Rocky jumps up-

ALL - are you ok Rocky?

Rocky - yeah I had the crazies dream and all of you's were there

Cece - what is your dream about?

Rocky - it was about Jason, he keeps killing everyone

Cece - hmmmmm, ok then? Anyway I found a very good camping site that we can spend the vacation

Rocky - NOOOOOO!!!!! No more camps instead we can just stay home

Cece - fine we are staying home then

Rocky - GOOD!


1. Scared by Zendaya

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