Shopping It Up (December 6, 2013):


It's Boxing Day and Cece , Rocky and Tinka decided to go and shop but it all got ruin when Cece got lost and Rocky and Tinka was trying to find her meanwhile Deuce, Flynn and Ty all hang out at a new restaurant called Snowflakes Pizza

Deuce - hey guys, I just found a new pizza place, is called snowflake pizza, wanna come with me

Rocky - I can't, me, Cece and Tinka are going to shopping since is Boxing Day

Ty - me and Flynn can come with you

Deuce - fine, come on let's go

-Shake It Up theme song plays-

-Shake it up dancers dances (theme is Christmas)-

Rocky - come on, we have to go to the mall now

Cece -where is Tinka?

Tinka - TA-DA!

Cece - what are you wearing?!

Tinka - a sparkly Santa and snowman suit duh!

Rocky - mmmmmmm ok then? Come on let's go to the mall

-at snowflake pizza-

Deuce - wow! This place is amazing

Ty - mmmm yeah!

Flynn - let's get some pizza, I was so hungry, I started stealing Hot Dog from the park

Ty - yeah, you also ATE everything inside my bag as we'll

Deuce - come on let's order a pizza

Dina - welcome to snowflake pizza, what can I get you oh..

ALL - Dina???

Dina - hey!

Deuce - you work HERE!

Dina - yes

Deuce - why would you do that?

Dina - because oh wait someone wanted an order brb!

-then at the mall-

Tinka - WOW! I have never see this much people since the old country protest!

Cece - come on! We HAVE to be the first one in line

Rocky - YEAH! If we can even squeeze through this tiny wee GAP!

Cece - OMG! This isn't working, it's too many people

Tinka - how about we spread through the mall and try to buy something on your own

Rocky - good idea, Tinka! Let's meet back here in 4 hours, ok?

Cece and Tinka - ok

-after 4 hours-

Rocky - hey Tinka!

Tinka - hi

Rocky - I'm so tired

Tinka - me too

Rocky - where is Cece?!

Tinka - I don't know

Rocky - don't panic, let's just wait for 1 hour

-after 1 hour-

Rocky - we have been waiting for 1 hour where is her??

-then Tinka cellphone rings-

Tinka - is Cece?!

Rocky - pick it up

Tinka - Cece, where are you?

Cece - I'm in some mall

Rocky - wait, what mall?!

Cece - Farm Mall

Rocky - farm mall?!

Tinka - oh she means Farmers Market

Rocky - O-M-G! Where is the farmers market

Tinka - is in Chicago countryside

Rocky - ok let's go


Deuce - I can't believe Dina works here

Ty - what's wrong with working here?

Deuce - snowflake pizza is actually enemy of Crusty's

Ty - OH that's bad!!

Flynn - is ok, I am sure she will quit this job

Deuce - hey Dina, can you quit this job, I don't want us two to become enemy

Dina - no, I am not quitting

Ty - that went well

-In the meantime-

Rocky - here we are farmers market

Tinka - let's find Cece

Rocky - Cece?

Tinka - Cece?

Cece - OVER HERE!!!!!!!

Rocky - I was so worried, thank goodness you are ok!

-then Rocky and Cece hugs-

Tinka - come on let's go home

-then they go home-


Deuce - Dina, I am sorry, I should have listen to you, from now I will let you to do anything you want

Dina - thanks baby

-then they hug-

Ty and Flynn - awwww, that's cute

-then Rocky, Cece and Tinka walk in snowflake pizza-

Rocky - we are back

Cece - wow, this place is amazing

Dina - Rocky can u preform a song?

Rocky - a song?

ALL - yeah!

Rocky - I wasn't expecting this...... But ok!

-then Rocky performs Last Christmas-



1. Christmas Wrapping by Bella Thorne

2. Last Christmas by Zendaya

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