This episode is part 2 of Break Up On Christmas It Up

Return and Reunion It Up (November 29, 2013):


After Cece and Tinka arrived at New York, Cece founds an audition slip for Shake It Up, New York! So Cece told Tinka and they auditioned meanwhile in Chicago, Rocky, Gunther, Logan, Ty, Flynn, Dina and Deuce was trying to figure out where is Cece and Tinka, but when they found out they are at New York, all of them fly over and Rocky and Ty begged Cece and Tinka to come back to Chicago but they didn't agreed. At the end, when Rocky and the gang leaves Cece and Tinka both agreed to come back and Rocky and Cece made up and Ty got back together with Tinka also Cece and Logan got back together as well and they all leave in a happy mood


Cece - hey Tinka, look what I found a audition slip for Shake It Up! New York!! We should try that

Tinka - sure yeah

-then theme song plays-

-at one of the school in New York-

Cece - remember today

Tinka - I know the "audition"

-while at Chicago-

Logan and Gunther - how can you guys lost Cece and Tinka!!! Wait who are you?

Rocky and Ty - let me introduce, Logan this is Gunther, Gunther this is Logan

Flynn - Rocky I can't believe you lost my sister

Rocky - is isn't my fault is Logan broke up with her

Flynn - Logan I am so disappointed

Logan - sorry Flynn

-then Deuce and Dina walks in-

Rocky: any news yet???

Deuce - no sorry Rocky

-while at New York-

-Shake It Up new york! dances started dancing (song is A New Life by Caroline Sunshine)-

Cece - we totally rock that dance

Tinka - i know

Cece - lets post this on Buddiespage

Tinka - sure, i mean no one can find us where we are


Dina - Tinka and Cece are in new york!!!???


Dina - check it out

Rocky - come on guys lets go


-Cece and Tinka apartment rings-

-then Cece open the door-

Rocky - hi Cece

-then Cece shut the door-

-Cece and Tinka apartment rings again-

-Tinka open the door-

Rocky - hi Tinka

Tinka - hi Rocky, come on in, BUT NOT TY

Ty - you are nice

Tinka - i know i am

Rocky - look cece, im really sorry

Flynn - yeah i mean she is your BFF, you should totally forgive her

Deuce, Gunther and Dina - well, we will just go to see New York now

Ty - you are staying here

Rocky and Ty - i miss you so much, please come back to me

Tinka and Cece - no sorry Rocky and Ty

Dina - well, we tried, lets go home now

-then they all leave in sadness-

Cece - wait, i am coming back with you guys

Tinka - me too

Rocky - WAIT WHAT?

Cece - Rocky i am so sorry, will you ever forgive me?

Rocky - yes, best friends forever?

Cece - yes

-then they hug-

Ty - Tinka i am sorry too, i promise we will never break up again

Tinka - ok, i love you Ty

Ty - love you too

-then Ty and Tinka kissed-


Flynn and Gunther - BURGH

Cece - come on guys lets go home

-then they all leave in a happy mood-

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