Test It Up (January 10, 2014):

Rocky and Cece preparing for their exam. Rocky got full marks on the exam but when Cece failed, Cece's mom is getting Cece be off from Shake It Up Chicago until her grades are up. Can she go back to Shake It Up at the last possible minute?


Bella Thorne as Cece Jones

Zendaya as Rocky Blue

Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Henssffer

Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia


Davis Celevand as Flynn Jones

Kenton Duty as Gunther Hennssffer

Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue

Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez


  • Rocky and Cece walk in to their lockers at school then Rocky asks Cece* "Are you ready for your final exam tomorrow?"
  • Then Cece replied* "I'm not sure... Can you help me with revising?"
  • Rocky replied* "sure I'll help you"
  • then Tinka walk up to them and said* "are you sure? Cause Cece brain is small as a walnut"
  • Cece gives a mad look and said* "HEY! THATS RUDE"
  • Rocky said* "Anyway, Tinka have you started revised yet?"
  • then Tinka replied* "sure....."
  • Cece gives a weird look and said* "Why do u talk like that*
  • Tinka replied* "Talk like what?"
  • Cece and Rocky replied together* "Nevermind"
  • then the bell rang and everyone went to class*
  • Shake It Up theme song starts*
  • At Cece apartment*
  • Rocky ask Cece a math question on the book* "So if y is 12 then what is x?"
  • then Cece replied* "Emmmmmmm, 1??*
  • Rocky closes the math book and said* "ok so math didn't work"
  • Rocky opens a Geography book and said* "what is the capital City of China?"
  • then Cece replied* "emmmmm? Tokyo!?"
  • Rocky gives a confused look and said* "That's japan capital City"
  • Rocky also said* "come on Cece u need to know this, this is a important test that you might get into College or whatever u end up at"
  • Cece replied* "I don't know, it just that I'm not a nerd or geek that kind of thing, ur that type of thing"
  • Rocky gives a mad look and said* "excuse me?!"
  • Cece replied* "nothing....."
  • next day at school*
  • Rocky went up to Tinka, Dina and Cece and said* "so have any of you revised yet?"
  • then Tinka and Dina replied meanwhile Cece did not say anything* "Yeah I did"
  • Rocky asks Cece* "so Cece have you revised yet?!"
  • Cece replied confusingly" "sure I did....."
  • Rocky gives a mad look and said* "you haven't revised yet didn't you?"
  • Cece gives a afraid look and said* "no I didn't"
  • Tinka said* "wow what a shocker"
  • Rocky said to Cece* "I can't believe you didn't revised after I help you"
  • Cece said* "Rocky, I'm so sorry I did revised"
  • Rocky gives a mad look* "Cece! You just keep lying and lying"
  • then Rocky left*
  • after the test*
  • Rocky, Tinka, Cece and Dina comes out from the classroom then Rocky asks* "so what did u guys get, I got an A+ which means I might get a scholarship to College"
  • Tinka replied* "I got a B"
  • Dina also replied* "I got a B too"
  • Cece replied softly* "I got an F"
  • Rocky, Tinka and Dina replied "Wow, what a shocker"
  • then Cece leaves the room*
  • At Cece's apartment*
  • Goregia asks Cece* "what did you get on ur test"
  • Cece replied* "sorry mum but I got an............. F"
  • Goregia replied madly* "WHAT?! YOU GOT AN F?!"
  • Cece replied* "I'm sorry mum"
  • Goregia gives a mad loom and said "that's it you are off the show until your grades are up"
  • Cece replied* "WHAT?! Mum don't do that please I will do anything!"
  • Goregia replied* "is too late Cece... Go to ur room"
  • Cece goes back to her room sadly*


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