New Year It Up (January 3, 2014):


Rocky and the gang decided to go to countdown but it all went downhill when they loses Flynn, will they be able to find him?

Note - starting from this episode ainsley bailey will move up into the main cast


Bella Thorne as Cece Jones

Zendaya as Rocky Blue

Davis Celevland as Flynn Jones

Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue

Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez

Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hennseffer

Ainsley Bailey as Dina Gracia

Kenton Duty as Gunther Hennseffer


  1. Heart by R5
  2. Radio by Becky G

Rocky - i cant believe is the end of the year

Cece - i know we should celebrate

Rocky - ok lets go to the countdown

Cece - but wouldnt be too crowded?

Rocky - i will go ask our moms first then tell you

Cece - ok

-theme song starts-

-Shake It Up dances-

Cece - so Rocky have you ask ur mom yet cause i ask mine and she said is gonna be fine as long as we take Flynn

Rocky - oops, i forgot but i will do it today

Tinka - ooooooo, celebrating the new year, i have always wanted too celebrate

Cece - you NEVER celebrate new years?

Tinka - all we do is eat a dinner for a new year, i have never went to a countdown

Rocky - thats just sad 

Tinka - well, thanks Rocky!

Cece - lets invite Tinka

Rocky - you sure, you want to go with her

Tinka - i can hear you!

Cece - come on, please?

Rocky - ok fine

Cece and Tinka - YES!

Rocky - guys lets go to crustys and plan this out 

Ty - wait can you invite me too

Rocky - URGH, WHY

Tinka - come on he is my boyfriend

Ty- yes i am

-then Tynka kisses-


Ty- then invite me!

Cece - it would be werid without Ty with Tinka

Rocky - fine, can we go now, im hugry

-then at crusty's-

Rocky - ok so we all meet at Cece house and then we will take the subway to the city to eat dinner 

Cece - wa-wa-wait, why my house

Rocky - becuase everyone know where to get to your house?

Cece - good point 

Rocky - after dinner we will walk to the harbour and we will have the PARTY WOOP WOOP

Ty - No just no

Rocky - mean......

Decue - so...... i hear you going to countdown

Rocky - yes?

Deuce - can i come?

Rocky - seriously!

Deuce - please????

Cece - come on he is our friend as well, invite him

Rocky - fine 

Dina - so i hear you going to the countdown

Rocky - OMG

Tinka - well this is a little awkward but lets invite her, shes our friend and Deuce's girlfriend

Cece - good piont 

Rocky - fine

Cece - we need to take Flynn as well

Rocky - yes, you told me that

-then at countdown-

Flynn - this is AMAZING

Duece - only 1 hour left!!!

Flynn - i needed a bathroom

Cece - i will go with you

Flynn - i will go by myself

-after 30 minutes-

Rocky - wheres Flynn

Cece - i will call him

-then Cece calls-

Cece - hs not picking up

Rocky - we need to find him

Cece - ok, me, Rocky and Dina will find him

Rocky - good plan, Ty you Tinka and Duece will stay here ok?

Ty - ok

-after 25 minutes-

Tinka - have you guys found him yet

Cece - no, we just cant find him

Duece - we need to find him

Flynn - hey guys


Rocky - you were there the whole time?

Flynn - yeah

Dina - we look everywhere for you!

Flynn - well i was there talking to a girl 

Cece - he grow up so fast 

Duece - 10 seconds left

ALL AND THE CROWD: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOO

Cece - wow is 2014 cant believe it!

ALL - i know

Rocky - happy new year guys 

-then they all hug-

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