-Shake It Up intro-

When the crowds wants more. They bring on the thunder. Cos u got my back and I'm not going under. You're my chord. You're my guard. You're the perfect chord and I see you name in every billboard

Bring the lights up, burst the doors down. Dust yourself off, Shake It Up! Shake It Up! DJ, set it off, take it up a notch. All together now Shake It Up! Shake It Up-Up-Up-Up (voice fades)

There's no way I can't make it without ya (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up), do it without ya (you're gonna change it up), be here without ya (and when you're had enough), it's no fun when we're doing a solo (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up), with you is woah. Yeah I know (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up!). I own this dream cos I got you with me. There's no way I can make it without ya. Do it without ya. Be here without ya (Shake It Up!)

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