Rocky was scared to death and wouldn't take an answer. Victor yelled "I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" Deuce walked right in that moment and yelled "Nobody talks to her like that!" and Victor turned around and said "BOOHOOO, Whatya gonna do about it?" Deuce yelled "THIS!" Deuce pushed Victor to the floor and said "BooHoo, whatya gonna do now?" Victor started getting a twitch "First of all NOBODY talks to me like that and and second of all I have muscels so I could do this!" Victor got out the trap and strangeled Deuce's shirt and laughed. Deuce started whining and said "Sorry, let me go!" But Victor refused, he replied with "Your coming with me boy!". Rocky inhaled and exhaled and said it was ok. She then went into the living room and sat on the couch. Fabian enteredthe room with Nina and said "I heard there's 4 new residents coming to the house" Nina smiled and said "Yeah they are from Chicago and 3 of them are dancers on Shake it Up, Chicago!." Fabian replied "I lobve that teen dance show, Rocky is the best dancer and she's hot." Nina stoped smiling and Rocky took her place into smiling. Rocky got off the couch and said "I'm Rocky, the one you were talking about! Also your hot too!" Fabian smiled and said "Rocky...weren't we in 6th grade together?" Rocky squealed and said "Yep" Fabian happily replied "I am so glad to see you! Look," Fabian walked over to her "I wanted to tell you before I moved here but I couldn't so here it goes...Rocky I...had and still have a crush on you..." Rocky "Me too! I also kept the picture of us! Look!" She showed him the picture and he smiled. He said "You have an adorable smile!" Rocky replied "You too!" They both giggled and Fabian said "I just have to do this!" Rocky was just about to say something (at that same time Deuce escaped from Victor) but Fabian kissed her! 
Rocky and Fabes
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