Cece stop dancing and smiled. She grabbed her phone and texted Deuce and Tinka "What up! Well anyways talk your parents into us moving tomarrow. Rocky's soulmate is in that school were going to and I want Rocky and him to start their romance they meant to have a few years ago. XOXO-Cece Gem". Cece squeeled and left her room. Cece skipped into her mother's room and right when she saw her mother on her bed, she started to cuddle with her. Cece's mother was very surprised and asked "Cece...umm...whatya doin?" Cece dreamily said "Just cuddeling like that laundry bear, Snuggles!" Cece's mother couldn't stand it so she pulled her hands of her and jumped out of the bed weirdly said "I know you want something!," and seriously continued "What do you want?" Cece fastly said "I want to move to England now so Rockky can see her old and still crush Fabian so that she can date was better in my head..." her mother laughed and said "Well for Rocky, of course and also I don't wanna be in this dump so talk to Rock..." her mother couldn't finish her sentence since Cece blurted out "I know, leave it up to me." Deuce got the text and became sad. He wanted Rocky to be happy but he was in love with Rocky. He also knew Rocky would never date him so he sadly convinced his parents. He said many dumb things and his parents acctually agreed. Deuce and Tinka respondesd the text saying "They agreed" Cece squealed for a long time but ran right to Rocky's house. She told Rocky and Rocky's parents and they all agreed, Cece and Rocky said at the same time "Airport next stop, England next next stop!". The whole car ride, Cece and Rocky squealed and kept asking "Are we there yet? Are we their yet?". Finally they got to the airport. In the plain the beautiful working lady, Saundra, assigned the parents and children in seats with a chart: 1. Cece and Ty 2. Cece's mother and Rocky/Ty's dad 3. Rocky/Ty's mother and Deuce's dad 4. Deuce's mom and Cece's dad 5. Rocky and Deuce. Deuce said in his mind with pride "I quess Rocky and I are meant to be" then Deuce's devil mind said "Yeah as airport-suitcases! Ahahahaha!" Deuce had a sad face and sat on his seat the whole flight Deuce and Rocky talked about themselves and were the only ones who didn't fall asleep. Cece woke up when the plain stopped, yelling "We crashed AHHHH!" Saundra said "No, were in England, I think you crashed" Cece replied "YAY!!! Hey!!!!" Cece grabbed her bags and saw Rocky's head on Deuce's shoulder Cece thoought "Deuce, Rocky is Fabian's man!" Cece yelled out loud "WAAAAAAKKKKEEEE UUUUPPP!!!!" Rocky jumped off her seat and grabbed her bags and ran out the plain as well as Cece. Everybody in the plain got out. The families drived the children to their boarding house, which was all Anubis, and drove to their new house. Rocky looked at her photo again and said "Fabian's here!" she ran in the door and Victor yelled "What are you doing!!!!"...

Rocky and Fabes
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