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Gunther to CeCe (Hot Mess It Up)

Gunther and CeCe


Gunther Hessenheffer and CeCe Jones

Length of Relationship

Currently Not Together

Dated once in Hot Mess It Up


Frenemies/Friends/Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Girlfriend

Ship Rival(s)






GeCe (Gunther and CeCe) is the pairing of Gunther Hessenheffer and CeCe Jones. Another name for this pairing is Cunther. Gunther and CeCe are currently frenemies. However, they have gone out once when CeCe and Rocky made the teen advice show, You're a Hot Mess & We're Not!, because CeCe and Rocky thought that Gunther was leaving for the old country because of some bad advice they thought CeCe had given him, so Rocky told her to ask him to the dance and get him to stay, in Hot Mess It Up. Gunther and CeCe have known each other since the 1st grade. They seem to have a lot in common and seem to get along with each other in the show. It is rumored they might get together later in the show. It's unclear if it they will get together. But as the show goes on you can see more and more that they might have feelings for each other. They show a lot of signs of liking each other too.

Pairing Names

  • GeCe - (G/unther + C/eCe)
    Gece anon art1
  • Cunther - (C/eCe + G/unther)
  • GuCe - (Gu/nther + Ce/Ce)
  • Cether - (Ce/Ce + Gun/ther)


  • They're both self-centered.
    IMG 0934
  • They're both dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago!
  • They both attend John Hughes High School.
  • They both are in love with modeling.
  • They both are in love with dancing.
  • They can be rude to other people but can be very friendly too.
  • They seem to think they are best dancers.
  • They seem to care about each other's well being.
  • They both love themselves.

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