Welcome to the Shake It Up Wikia Awards! This is a special event/blog because It's Shake It Up Anniversary! And I thought that I should made this up. I'm your host, Shaheim and I'll be posting a blog post for the voting right here on this wiki. Here are some of the information that you'll want to know:


The Shake It Up Wikia Awards will start taking some nomiees on November 9, 2012 for some of the categories. To find out how to nominate, scroll down to the "Nomination" header. On November 21, 2012, Voting polls will opened at 5PM Eastern Time. The voting will end December 27, 2012. The Awards winners will be posted on December 30, 2012 at 5PM Eastern Time.


Here's the list of categories:

Best Actor

The best actor in the series. Can include Main or Minor cast.

Best Actress

The best actress in the series. Can include Main or Minor cast.

Best Character

The best character in the series. Can include Main, Minor or Guest characters.

Best Guest

The best guest cast in the series. Includes only cast that appeared for only a maximum of three episodes.

Best Pairing

The best pairing in the series.

Best Episode

What episode was your favorite? Includes all the episodes.

Best Shake It Up Song

Shake It Up has a lot of amazing songs that just makes you wanna dance! what Shake It Up song you think is the best?

Hardworking User

Think you're a hardworking, committed user to the community? Well then you're a possible nominee! Requires a minimum of 500 edits.

Super Admin

Who do you think is the most faithful admin to this wiki? Well then nominate them to this category. Only for admins.

Fan Fiction Victory

Many have done Fan Fictions that are just amazing. Here is your chance to get discovered! Nominate your favorite fanfic related to Shake It Up. Fan Fiction must have a title in able to be eligible for nomination.

Fan Fiction Writer

Nominate the best fan fiction writer that you know! Maximum 10 nominees.

  • Nature9000==Nomination== If you want to nominate actors, actress, characters, guests, pairings, episodes, songs, users or admins, you can type on the comment below or send an email to me @ There will be a maximum of 10 nominees for "Best Episode", "Best Shake It Up Song", "Best Character", "Best Guest", "Fan Fiction Writer" and "Hardworking User". There will be a maximum of 5 nominees for the rest. Priority will be given to those nominated first than last. Only registered users are allowed to nominate. To nominate, use this template: Category: The category. Nominee: Who your are nominating.


    Voting polls will be opened here at the wiki on November 21, 2012. There is no limit to how much you can vote but please vote wisely and do not spam.


    I will have to contact the admins of the wiki to see if we could work out something for the winners of the awards. Please come back to see the prize of the awardee for "Hardworking User" and "Fan Fiction Victory". Awardee for the category "Fan Fiction Writer" will get his/her fanfic promoted on Twitter (ShakeItUpNews). The "Hardworking User" Awardee will get to work with the next Shake It Up Wikia Awards Host.

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave some on the comments below, leave a message on my profile or email me @ </li>

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