This isn't your mom talking about your little battle with back acne, this is serious!
Uncle Frank to Deuce in Shake It Up, Up & Away
Uncle Frank
Uncle Frank|
Biographical Information
Uncle Frank
(given name unknown)
Professional Information
Restaurant owner
Friends and Family
Unnamed mother
George Martinez (Possible brother)
Deuce Martinez (Possible nephew)
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Uncle Frank is Deuce Martinez's uncle. He is the owner of Crusty's Pizza. He teases Deuce alot (I was just so thrilled that he finally took a bath, you big furry stinky caterpiller eyed guy, etc.) and claims that he tease because he loves. He is portrayed by Jim Pirri.


Season 2

  • Shake It Up, Up & Away: Uncle Frank has Deuce and Ty compete to see who can earn a job at Crusty's. In the end, he hires Deuce.
  • Doctor It Up: When Deuce finds out that Uncle Frank's fortune telling machine is broken, he and Flynn try to trick him into thinking it's working, by dressing Flynn up and putting him in the machine.
  • Double Pegasus It Up: Uncle Frank leaves Deuce in charge of Crusty's, but Deuce loses the keys in the fish tank.
  • Split It Up (mentioned)


  • No your just the first one I saw.
  • I was just thrilled that he finally took a bath.
  • What you have no friends you have to talk to a puppet?
  • Your both dummies that work for lose changes.
  • Of course he was in there! He's a puppet! Make a friend!
  • That'll teach him to break my machine, like I didn't know the whole time!
  • All friends of Deuce get a special discount, 0% off!


  • He owns Crusty's.
  • He is Deuce's uncle.
  • We know his first name is Frank, but we don't know if he has the same last name as Deuce.
  • He loves to tease Deuce.
  • He seems to be nicer to Deuce's friends than he is to him.
  • He put Deuce in charge of something twice.