Relationship Information
Between: Gunther Hessenheffer
Ty Blue
Status: Frenemies
First Interaction: Add It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Kenton Duty
Roshon Fegan

Tynther (Ty and Gu/nther) is the friendship/frenemy pairing of Gunther Hessenheffer and Ty Blue. They can be either friendly to each other or behave more like frenemies. They have had several sub-plots together.

Friendship Moments

Season One

Add It Up

  • Gunther pays Ty to date his sister, Tinka.
  • Ty thinks it is funny when Gunther beats Deuce at arm-wrestling.
  • Gunther could have asked Deuce to date his sister, but he asked Ty instead.

Age It Up

  • Ty teaches Gunther how to be 'cool' so that Gunther can impress Danielle.
  • Gunther teaches Ty to say "Bay-bee."
  • Gunther made Ty a bedazzled shirt that says "Bay-bee."
  • Ty didn't have to help Gunther with Danielle, he chose to.

Break It Up

  • Deuce dares Ty to switch clothes with the person on his right, which turns out to be Gunther.
  • Gunther seemed happy to switch clothes with Ty.
    • This makes it the second time he's worn Ty's clothes.
  • Gunther seems all too interested in swapping clothes with Ty.
  • When Ty shows reluctance, Gunther pulls him by his tie into the vacation house, earning him a slap on the wrist.
  • When they return in their reversed outfits, Gunther gushes about how good Ty looks.
  • He even goes so far as to place a hand on the small of his back reassuringly, which Ty doesn't seem to mind.

Season Two

Camp It Up

  • Ty asked Gunther what was going on in the game room at Crusty's, to which Gunther informed him about the ping-pong table.
  • They played a good-natured game of ping-pong that Ty won.
  • Gunther taught Ty about "zing-pong."

Egg It Up

  • Gunther and Ty compete to be Flynn's babysitter.
  • They team up to embarrass Flynn for making them turn on each other by writing him a fake essay.

Slumber It Up

  • Gunther and Ty both help Flynn and Deuce find treasure.
  • When Deuce was mad at Dina, Gunther and Ty (along with Flynn) use his anger to get Deuce to break the wall.



  • Ty: "Dude, I'm going to put this in the nicest way possible, you're a freak." Gunther: "Be specific, tell me, which of my ways is from the land of freak?"
  • Ty: "I think he's got it!" Gunther: "I got it! I speak like the dudes that enjoy coolness!" Ty: "Aaaaaaand he lost it."
  • Gunther: "Where did you ever find these ugly, disgusting clothes?" Ty: "My closet."

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