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Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Flynn Jones
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Davis Cleveland

Tynn (Ty and Fly/nn) is the friendship pairing of Ty Blue and Flynn Jones. Ty often babysits Flynn and is an older brother figure to him. They have a lot of sub-plots together.

Ty B
Flynn Jones

Friendship Moments

Season One

Start It Up

  • Ty goes to Flynn's house to babysit him.
  • Ty and Flynn watch Shake It Up, Chicago together with Deuce.

Give It Up

  • Ty babysits Flynn.
  • Ty carries Flynn to the Shake It Up, Chicago studio.
  • Ty draws "I ♥ Ty" on Flynn's face.

Party It Up

  • Ty (and Deuce) watch a scary movie with Flynn.
  • Ty and Flynn work together to clean a table.

Hook It Up

  • Ty teaches Flynn how to impress a girl that he likes.

Heat It Up

  • Ty shook Flynn for dramatic effects of saying "The Roadshark 3000!"
  • Ty builds a man cave for Flynn and himself in order for them to get away from the women in the Jones' apartment.
  • They have a fencing match.

Season Two

Shrink It Up

  • Flynn is hired as a toy tester and makes Ty his assistant.

Copy Kat It Up

  • Flynn acts as Ty's recording agent when they deal with a big time record producer.

Egg It Up

  • Flynn is annoyed when Ty ignores him.
  • He fires Ty as his babysitter and replaces him with Gunther.
  • Ty gets the video game that Flynn wanted the day before it hits stores.
  • Flynn seems jealous when Ty pays more attention to the girl than him.

Embarrass It Up

  • Flynn and Ty teased their sister's embarrassing moments.
  • They made money at Crusty's showing people videos of their sister's embarrassing moments.
  • Their sisters embarrassed them right back in one video of both boys playing with dolls.


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  • Flynn: "I owe you one, buddy."
  • Ty: "Nah, we're even."

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