Togan I Do It Up
Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Logan Hunter
Status: Enemies
First Interaction: My Fair Librarian It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Leo Howard

Tygan (Ty + Lo/gan) is the enemy pairing of Ty Blue and Logan Hunter. They first met in My Fair Librarian It Up when they were helping Flynn build a soapbox car. Ty didn't seem to be fond of Logan because Flynn though he was cooler than him. In Clean It Up he witnessed Logan kissing his younger sister Rocky and he dragged Logan away because he was overprotective of Rocky.

Other Pairing Names

  • Togan (T/y + L/ogan)
  • Logy (Log/an + T/y)
  • Ly (L/ogan + T/y)


My Fair Librarian It Up

  • Ty and Logan meet for the first time.
  • Ty and Logan (along with Deuce) helped Flynn build a soapbox car.
  • Ty is jealous that Flynn and Logan get on so well.
  • Ty is also jealous when Logan said that Deuce is cool.
  • Ty and Logan become friends after Ty being jealous of him.

Clean It Up

  • Ty saw Logan kiss Rocky.
  • Ty pulled Logan away from Rocky after saying that their dance lesson is over.

I Do It Up

  • Ty and Logan are both at Georgia and Jeremy's wedding.


  • Ty and Logan's rivalry is similar to that between Jack and Smooth in the Kickin' It episode "All The Wrong Moves", who were also portrayed by Leo Howard and Roshon Fegan.