Switch It Up
Season: 3
Episode: 14
Production code: 317
Broadcast number: 63
Written by:
Cat Davis & Eddie Quintana
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
April 7, 2013
International airdate:
April 12, 2013 (Canada)
June 12, 2013 (UK)
August 24, 2013 (Poland)
August 24, 2013 (Czech Republic)
August 24, 2013 (Hungary)
August 24, 2013 (Romania)
September 4, 2013 (France)
October 4, 2013 (Denmark)
November 17, 2013 (Latin America)
January 18, 2014 (Japan)
December 16, 2014 (Russia)

Switch It Up is the 14th episode in Season 3 of Shake It Up. It first aired on April 7, 2013. On Family Channel, it aired on April 12, 2013.


CeCe and Flynn accidentally switch bodies through an old curse of Tinka’s grandma.

Episode Summary

When CeCe get hits on the head by a door on accident, CeCe has a dream that she and Flynn accidentally switch bodies through an old curse of Tinka’s grandma. When they learn they’re stuck that way for 24 days, or until they learn a lesson, they realize Flynn will have to dance for CeCe on “Shake It Up Chicago!” and CeCe will have to learn tuba and nail Flynn’s audition for the marching band. Ty thinks Rocky is trying to kill him since he didn’t put her in that week’s dance.

Song Featured


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Faith Schroder as Jordan


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  • This is the first time that Ty is a dancer at a Shake it up Chicago! dance.
  • Nearly the whole episode was a dream by CeCe.
  • This is the first time a host of Shake It Up, Chicago! has appeared in a dance.
  • This was part of the Disney Channel Freaky Freekend event, where Disney Channel shows' main charactes switch bodies. The others are A.N.T. Farm, Phineas & Ferb, Austin & Ally, JESSIE, Dog With A Blog, and Gravity Falls which has characters switching in different ways from carpets to bells. This was the last episode of the Sunday version of Freaky Freekend. It is also the last episode to have its first air during the Freaky Freekend event.



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