Okay, so this is usually how it goes: you tell me why she's failing, I promise she'll do better, she fake cries, I real scream and then you e-mail me the schedule for summer school.


Sweat It Up
Sweat It Up 47
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Production code: 117
Broadcast number: 16
Written by:
David Tolentino
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
May 1, 2011
International airdate:
June 21, 2011 (Netherlands / Flanders)

July 1, 2011 (Germany)
July 23, 2011 (Hungary)
August 13, 2011 (Romania)
August 16, 2011 (Brazil)
August 16, 2011 (Latin America)
August 27, 2011 (Poland)
September 2, 2011 (Italy)
September 16, 2011 (Catalonia)
September 16, 2011 (Spain)
October 1, 2011 (Israel)
October 5, 2011 (France)
November 13, 2011 (Japan)
December 3, 2011 (Czech Republic)

Sweat It Up is the 16th episode in season 1 of Shake It Up and the 16th of the overall series. It first aired on May 1, 2011.


CeCe fakes a leg injury in order to avoid participating in gym class and messing up her hair. Rocky lies and says that she is having her appendix removed to avoid laser tag with the nerds. When the two are caught dancing salsa on "Shake It Up, Chicago," CeCe is told by Coach Lessor that she has to attend summer school, and Rocky is unaccepted from the nerds' social group. However, when CeCe's mother comes for a private conference with the coach and CeCe, they both express interest in each other and start dating. CeCe takes this as a sign that she won't have to participate in gym class anymore, until her mom and Coach Lessor break up too soon, and she is forced off the bench to be physically tested. Meanwhile, Flynn, Deuce, and Ty take care of a neighbor's dog, but the dog proves to be difficult.

Episode Summary

At the beginning of the episode, Rocky and CeCe are approached by the school's nerd and genius, Howard, and the "nerd herd" by their lockers. To avoid being near them, CeCe tries to escape from the conversation by saying she can't talk to him right now, as she wants to hang out with the 'cool people,' leaving Rocky behind. Since Rocky is part of Howard's nerd club, and her nickname is Rockeroni, he asks her if she wants to join their annual laser tag tournament this Saturday, and hopes they hope that Rocky will be the first girl to attend. Rocky thinks this is embarrassing and not cool, so she starts to lie to Howard by saying she cannot attend this week because of her appendix being removed at the hospital, and the next week after that. Howard accepts this and leaves with the nerds to go to the library. Rocky tells CeCe that she actually lied to Howard in order to avoid being branded as "Rockeroni: Queen of the Laser Dweebs". Meanwhile, in gym class, Deuce tries to do push-ups but the teacher, Coach Lesseur, persuades him to do proper push-ups. Deuce replies that he is struggling. Rocky enters the gym in a happy mood, with her phys ed gear on and ready to go. Coach Lesseur is happy to see her, enough so that he replies to his own questions. CeCe enters the gym without her gear on and starts to lie that she can't do the lesson today because of an injury on her left leg. Lesseur believes Cece and lets her stay on the bench. Rocky goes over to CeCe to ask why she doesn't want to participate in gym class, and why she lied. A neighbor, Mrs. Lee brings her dog, Bitsy, over and says the dog has bitten so many people. Bitsy gets excited and starts to lick Flynn on the face, which Flynn ends up telling Ty and Deuce to get the dog off him. They continue to have trouble with Bitsy while giving him a bath and getting his dog food. Meanwhile, on "Shake It Up Chicago!" the dancers perform an opening salsa dance. CeCe thinks that she got away with her excuse in gym, but it turns out that she got caught by Coach Lesseur himself. At school, Coach Lesseur comes up to her and says, "I was with my niece and she wanted me to turn on the t.v. to her favorite show. And do you know what that is?" CeCe replies by trying to say "Wizards of Waverly Place" but as always, Coach Lesseur interrupts and says, "Shake It Up Chicago!" Rocky also got caught lying to the nerds, who were also watching the show. Rocky then decides to make it up to them by participating in the laser tag tournament.

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Shake It Up Sweat it Up Part 1

Shake It Up Sweat it Up Part 1

Shake It Up Sweat It Up Part 2

Shake It Up Sweat It Up Part 2

Memorable Quotes

Howard: It's 29 degrees in Brazil. It sounds cold but it is in Celsius, so it is actually quite warm.
CeCe: Howard, I'd stay and chat but, I never have any idea what you're talking about.
Rocky: I didn't lie to Howard, I just told him a tiny little mistruth to protect his feelings. Like, if you asked me how your hair looks today I would say: "Great!"
CeCe: Aw, thank you. I put in a new conditioner... Hey!
Georgia: Okay, so this is usually how it goes: you tell me why she's failing, I promise she'll do better, she fake cries, I real scream and then you e-mail me the schedule for summer school.
Georgia: Ohhh...

Coach: Ahhh...

CeCe: Ewww...
Ty: What happened in here?

Flynn: Whimpering, begging, and I almost had to clean up after an accident. And that was just Deuce.
Ty: So where is that filthy animal?

Flynn: He's in there giving the dog a bath.
Rocky: Come on CeCe why can't you just participate?

CeCe: Get all sweaty, mess up my hair and smell all funky? No thanks, that's your thing.

Rocky: What?!
Flynn: Oh, and one more thing, I want her home by ten o'clock, because at ten o one, you have to deal with this.
CeCe: Don't think? You're looking at the queen of don't think.


  • Coach Lesseur introduces himself as Gwen Lesseur. But when Georgia meets him after Cece's PE exam, she calls him Gordon.
  • At the end of the episode, Flynn is being dragged by the dog while Deuce and Ty are watching. Deuce refers to the dog as a girl while Ty refers to it as a boy. It is safe to say that the dog is a male because Ms. Lee refers to it as a boy as well.


  • When the coach is asking CeCe what his niece's favorite tv show is CeCe starts to say Wizards of Waverly Place, a possible connection with Bella's role on the show as Nancy Lukey, Max's girlfriend, making CeCe have a doppelganger.
  • Second episode in a row where Gunther and Tinka don't appear.
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