It's true. I once was a princess, next in line for throne.

–Squitza in Vatalihootsit It Up

Squitza Hessenheffer is the mother of Gunther Hessenheffer and Tinka Hessenheffer, and wife of Kashlack Hessenheffer. She appeared in "Vatalihootsit It Up".

She is portrayed by Mary Birdsong.


Squitza and her husband seem to be as strange (or even stranger) than their children. It was revealed that she was a princess back in their country, but was dethroned for marrying a commoner (Kashlack). Along with her husband and children, she dresses in odd, bright, and sparkly clothing. She thanked CeCe and Rocky for coming to their home, and wants them to be friends with Gunther and Tinka. She is age 34.


  • "It's true. I once was a princess, next in line for throne."
  • "We were soon engaged to be married. But when my father, King Brustrum found out, he became enraged and forbid the marriage."
  • "Gunther and Tinka would never say it, but I know this meant the world to them."
  • "Don't worry dear Tinkabell, U get the eyeball this year!"
  • "Thanks Rocky and Cece for coming!!'
  • "Look everyone gets an Eyeball this year!! Yeah!"
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