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Spirit It Up
Season: 3
Episode: 3
Production code: 303
Broadcast number: 52
Written by:
Darin Henry
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
November 4, 2012
International airdate:
December 7th, 2012 (UK)
February 8, 2013 (Denmark)
February 18, 2013 (Poland)
February 18, 2013 (Romania)
February 23, 2013 (Czech Republic)
February 23, 2013 (Hungary)
March 13, 2013 (France)
March 22, 2013 (Netherlands)
March 24, 2013 (Japan)
March 29, 2013 (Spain)
May 23, 2013 (Germany)
June 20, 2013 (Latin America)
December 9, 2014 (Russia)

Spirit It Up[1] is the 3rd episode in Season 3 of Shake It Up and the 52nd of the overall series. It first aired on November 4, 2012.


Rocky is in a funk so she and CeCe join the struggling Spirit Squad. Meanwhile, Dina and Tinka become friends which makes Deuce think he is the third wheel and Flynn meets the new neighbor who tells him he has a bad friend reputation.

Episode Summary

Rocky starts to go through a funk, and CeCe helps her by having her become part of the spirit squad. They soon discover that the squad has no spirit. So they decided to help them gain spirit and prepare for the pep rally later that week. But Rocky was being to controlling, and the girls on the team make CeCe kick her off the squad. Rocky is furious at first, but a discussion with Deuce helps her realize that she was wrong. She goes to the squad right before the pep rally and apologizes, and they let her back on the team. They all perform at the pep rally together.

Meanwhile, because of her being lonely, Tinka begins to hang out with Deuce and Dina a lot, and starts to really bond with Dina. Deuce is bothered by this because he thinks that Tinka is starting to become a third wheel. Later, he discovers that it's him who's becoming the third wheel. He tells Dina that she has to choose between him and Tinka, and she picks Tinka. After a conversation with Rocky, Deuce realizes he was wrong, apologies to Dina, and let's her sit with Tinka at the pep rally. But after figuring out that Tinka was hanging out with a boy, Dina sits with Deuce.

Also, a new neighbor moves in next to Flynn, and tells Flynn that he has a reputation of not being able to hold onto a friendship with one friend. Flynn tries to prove the kid wrong by tricking him into hanging out with him all the time. But Flynn quickly realizes that the kid is starting to get to clingy, but he refuses to end it, so he can make a point. He even turns down an invitation to go parasailing so he could hang out with the new neighbor. After not showing up for the playdate, the kid explains that he was invited to go parasailing, and that he didn't expect Flynn to mind, and also thought that Flynn was being to clingy.



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Shake It Up "Spirit It Up" Promo

Memorable Quotes

CeCe: Rocky, we're concerned about you. This is an intermission.

Deuce: Intervention.

CeCe: That too. Ever since Shake It Up, Chicago! burned down, you have shown all the classic symptoms of dance withdrawl.

Dina: Mood swings, cold sweats, dancing at inappropriate times.

Tinka: Hmm. Like your oddly shaped big toe, it's not pretty.

CeCe: But Rocky, you're not alone. I went through the same thing and you helped me get through my funk, and now, we're gonna help you through yours.

Rocky: Okay, guys, this is ridiculous. All right, I am in complete control of my dancing. I can stop whenever I want.

Dina: Ooh, classic denial. Deucie, hit it. (dance music plays)

Rocky: (loses control of her dancing) Stop. Whoo! Okay, don't just stand there, help me!


  • Rocky is in a funk, similar to when CeCe was in a funk in "Funk It Up".
  • This is the first Season 3 episode that Ty is absent.
  • At the beginning of the episode, CeCe is wearing a top similar to Alex's in the Wizards Of Waverley Place episode "My Two Harpers".
  • Carla Jeffery, who guest stars in this episode as Margie, is the twin sister of Carlon Jeffery, who plays Cameron Parks in A.N.T Farm.


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