Slumber It Up
Slumber It Up 3
Season: 2
Episode: 25
Production code: 223
Broadcast number: 46
Written by:
Jenny Lee
Directed by:
Roger Christiansen
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
July 29, 2012
International airdate:
August 24, 2012 (Germany)

September 5, 2012 (UK)
September 28, 2012 (Italy)
October 4, 2012 (Israel)
November 24, 2012 (Romania)
November 25, 2012 (Japan)
December 8, 2012 (Poland)
December 22, 2012 (Czech Republic)
December 22, 2012 (Hungary)
December 28, 2012 (Spain)
January 11, 2013 (Latin America)

Slumber It Up is the 25th episode in Season 2 of Shake It Up and the 46th of the overall series. It first aired on July 29, 2012.


CeCe hosts a slumber party and all the girls are invited, including Tinka, who ends up bringing a lot more fun to the party than anticipated. Meanwhile, Deuce, Ty, Gunther, and Flynn dig for buried treasure.

Episode Summary

At the slumber party CeCe, Rocky, Tinka, and Dina begin to talk about boys. Deuce, Ty, Gunther, and Flynn find out while they are digging in the basement for treasure that they can hear what the girls are talking about from an air vent. As Flynn listens in he messes up what Dina said about sneaking off to her orthodontist every week because she wears a funny head gear when she goes to bed. Flynn misinterprets and says that Dina sneaks off with someone to go to the opera every week leading Deuce to believe Dina is cheating on him. Then Dina tells CeCe, Rocky (Who still hasn't got a text from a guy she likes) and Tinka that she has a key to a freezer full of ice cream. But after Dina, Rocky and CeCe go in Tinka walks in and shuts the door meaning their locked in. Where as the boys are making Deuce break down the brick wall by saying things about Dina cheating on him. Eventually he breaks down the wall. Now all that's left is a steel wall which luckily Gunther has a metal wall cutter. As soon as the make a hole in the steal wall they realize that the map lead them into the freezer where the girls are trapped. Dina turns around so that Deuce won't see her funky-head gear as he accuses her of cheating where so admits to seeing her orthodontists every week. Rocky ( who had ran out of the hole in the wall) opens the freezer door talking about how that guy texted her back. Then they all leave the freezer and Tinka shuts CeCe in. She leave's through the hole in the wall. At the end Flynn finds the gold in a safe.

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"Shake It Up" promo for "Slumber It Up" on Disney Channel

"Shake It Up" promo for "Slumber It Up" on Disney Channel


  • Unless you count Rock and Roll It Up, this is the first episode since Split It Up where all main characters appear in character. In Rock and Roll It Up, Deuce and Ty did not actually appear as themselves.
  • This is the first episode where Flynn, Deuce, Ty and Gunther have a sub-plot together.
  • Rocky, CeCe, Tinka and Dina all say "Switch!" when they're eating the ice cream in the freezer. This is the second time it has been said in an episode since ("Kick It Up").
  • This is the first episode Rocky,Cece, Tinka and Dina have been in an episode plot together.
  • This is the fourth episode (second in the season) without guests.


  • The scene when Rocky, CeCe, Tinka and Dina get locked in the ice cream freezer room is similar in a scene in Austin & Ally, the episode "Songwriting & Starfish", when Austin, Ally and Trish get stuck in an ice cream freezer room to get Ally's book.

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