[pulls Tinka away from Rocky and CeCe] Tinka, we promised we only had to be nice to Deuce.

Gunther Hessenheffer

Shrink It Up
Shake It Up Season 2 Shrink It Up.png
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Production code: 203
Broadcast number: 22
Written by:
Rob Lotterstein
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
September 18, 2011
International airdate:
December 2, 2011 (Italy)

December 14, 2011 (France)
January 17, 2012 (Brazil)
January 17, 2012 (Latin America)
January 20, 2012 (Spain)
January 27, 2012 (Catalonia)
February 13, 2012 (Germany)
February 25, 2012 (Poland)
February 25, 2012 (Hungary)
February 25, 2012 (Czech Republic)
February 25, 2012 (Romania)
March 11, 2012 (Japan)
March 23, 2012 (Netherlands / Flanders)
April 19, 2012 (Israel)

Shrink It Up was the season 2 premiere of Shake It Up. It aired on September 18, 2011. This episode was not originally slated to be the second season premiere. (See Shake It Up, Up & Away for more information.)


CeCe and Rocky go to a therapist to get advice on their expiring friendship, Flynn and Ty agree to take a Toy testing job and Gunther and Tinka try being nice to people, starting with Deuce.

Episode Summary

When Gary starts seeing the praises of his new therapist, Dr. Pepper, CeCe signs up herself and Rocky for a few sessions in order to kiss up. At their appointment, the girls discover they may have more issues with each other than they thought. Meanwhile, Flynn buys a toy dinosaur that doesn’t work well. When Ty takes him to complain about it, they both get hired at the toy company to test out new toys. Also Gunther and Tinka decide to try and be nice to someone and they pick Deuce. Near the end of the episode there's a flashback with a pre-school aged Rocky and CeCe. There we see when they first met each other. A young Gunther and Tinka are also in the flashback since they've been foreign exchange students since the first grade.

Featured Songs & Dances

  • Turn It On: dance number by CeCe, Rocky, Gunther, Tinka, and the Shake It Up, Chicago dancers


Main Cast


Guest stars


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Shake it Up - "Shrink it Up" (Season Two, Episode Three)

Memorable Quotes

Rocky: [about the pictures] A cloud, no a cotton ball, no a rabbit backing up! I did not know that there was going to be a test! Are you writing down what I just said, because there's nothing wrong with me, okay, I'm totally normal-why aren't you writing that down?
Gunther: [to Gary] Does she make you pay extra because you're boring?
Gary: [to Gunther and Tinka] You know, you two are kinda mean. Maybe that's why nobody likes you.
Dr Pepper: Hello girls, I'm Dr Pepper

CeCe: Dr Pepper? That's like the...
Dr Pepper: No jokes! I've heard them all before and it just brings up bad childhood memories. So, why have you come to see me?
Rocky: Well actually I don't even know why we're here.

CeCe: What she means is, why are any of us here?
Flynn: [to his toy dinosaur] Come on, do something!

Ty: What's wrong, your Tyrannosaurus wrecked? [laughs]
Flynn: It's not funny, the Megasaurus 5000's a piece of garbage!

Ty: Why don't you tell someone who cares?
CeCe: My turn [falls backwards]

Rocky: I'm sorry CeCe that was just an accident.
Dr Pepper: There are no accidents!
Rocky: No I was just distracted.
Dr Pepper: By you're true feelings?
Rocky: No she was seperated.
Dr Pepper: What are you hiding?
Rocky: [getting more angry] Nothing!
Dr Pepper: Why are you so angry?
Rocky: [yells] I'm not!
Dr Pepper: Then why are you here?

CeCe: Ya think!
[Rocky and CeCe bang heads during rehearsal]

Rocky: Okay can we take a five?
CeCe: You were supposed to snake left.
Rocky: No you were supposed to snake right.

CeCe: I did snake right, you snaked, wrong!
Gunther: [pulls Tinka away from Rocky and CeCe] Tinka, we promised we only had to be nice to Deuce.
CeCe: Don't worry Gary, we're working with your therapist and she will get us right back on track.

[Gary walks away]
CeCe: [to Rocky, back turned opposite to her] Yeah, like we'd ever really go back to that therapist.
Rocky: Actually I booked us a second appointment.
CeCe: [turns to Rocky] And you didnt even ask me, who do you think you are?!

Rocky: Humm let's see...[points to CeCe and walks off] you!
Flynn (To Ty): I don't like your attitude, you're fired.
Ty: Big talk from someone who can't take the bus alone.


  • Caroline Sunshine joins as a main cast member instead of her recurring guest role in Season 1. This brings the number of cast members in the series to seven, making Shake It Up the first Disney Channel original series to have more than six people in its main cast.
  • Due to episodes being shown out of order, events from "Shake It Up, Up & Away" are mentioned in this episode when Rocky is listing events that CeCe forced her to do, and Deuce got his job during "Shake It Up, Up & Away." In this episode, Rocky also mentions events from the episodes "Meatball It Up" and "Party It Up."
  • In the Spanish version of this episode, CeCe makes a refrence to Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Flynn makes a reference to the 1975 movie "Jaws".
  • Dr. Pepper's name is an obvious reference to the popular soft drink, which CeCe starts to point out only to be cut off by Dr. Pepper.


  • When CeCe goes back to her flashback when they met, Gunther and Tinka are there, but in "Start It Up" they were exchange students in the first grade, not toddlers. But she did say they were about five so they could have been six and gone to school especially since Rocky had flashcards.
  • In Doctor It Up, Rocky's dad didn't want her to be a dancer but she went to dance school when she was 5 but Rocky's dad might have not known that she will try and become a dancer when she grows up.t
  • Due to episodes being shown out of order, events from "Shake It Up, Up & Away" are mentioned in this episode when Rocky is listing events that CeCe forced her to do, and Deuce got his job during "Shake It Up, Up & Away."
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