Shake It Up: Break It Down is the online spin-off series that features Rosero McCoy and Claude Racine, the co-choreographers of the parent series, Shake It Up. It premiered in June 2011.

Conception and production

In December 2010, Disney ordered a mini-series to air for one of the current shows. In late December, a survey was ran to see which series was most popular at the moment. Shake It Up won with 82% of the vote. In January 2011, a pilot was filmed and screened to kids. It was successful, and Disney gave the untitled Shake It Up mini-series a full weekly episode order. Finally in March 2011, it was given the title "Shake That Up". But in May 2011, Disney also considered this a spin-off from Shake It Up and renamed it "Shake It Up: Break It Down" which is coincedentally the name of the soundtrack. In late May 2011, ads for the spin-off began airing.