C'mon Deuce, grab all the money that you can!
— Savannah to Deuce in Match It Up
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Dancer, student
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Deuce Martinez (ex-boyfriend)
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Savannah is Deuce's ex-girlfriend. She appeared in the episode "Match It Up" and is portrayed by Juliette Goglia.

Match It Up

Savannah and Deuce were set up by CeCe as she claims she is the "world's greatest matchmaker". Savannah is also known to be a dancer of Shake it Up, Chicago, although she hasn't appeared since. Savannah broke up with Deuce after she found someone with more money than him (apparently $7,000.00 in Bar Mitzvah money). After CeCe once again put her matchmaking "skills" to the test and found his perfect match (Dina Garcia), she got her to talk to Deuce and Savannah suddenly announced that they were back together. Rocky assumed that she is a gold digger, because she found out Deuce would be in a tornado of cash and apparently "no one goes back to Deuce" otherwise. When Ty was disguised as "Stevie, internet billionaire", he immediately grabs Savannah's attention. She admits to Rocky and CeCe that she wouldn't choose Deuce over Stevie unless he grabbed a billion dollars, proving she was only with him for the money.

Relationships With Characters

  • Cece and Rocky: The three seemed to be good friends with in the beginning, dancing on Shake It Up, Chicago together. But when she's at the mall with Deuce, the girls see her for what she really is and they all shoot each other their fake smiles and glares.
  • Deuce: Deuce is her ex-boyfriend and she was set up with him thanks to CeCe. It turns out that she was only interested in him for the money. She broke up with him after finding someone with more money ($7,000.00), but said she would go back to Deuce if he had more.
  • Ty: Ty pretended to be an internet billionaire named Stevie in a plan to reveal that she was, in fact, a gold-digger. She immediately turned her attention to "Stevie" when she found out his was a billionaire, leading Ty and the girls to reveal her true colors.


  • Savannah: "So, he's Stevie, the Internet Billionaire?"
    Rocky: "He's my brother, Ty."
    Savannah: "So he's Ty, the Internet Billionaire?"
  • "Come on Deuce, grab all the money that you can."
  • (To Dina) "Do you by any chance have a brother?"
  • "I'll tell you what it isn't, Anti-Savannah Spray."