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Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Rocky Blue
Status: Siblings
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Cast Ship: Rendaya

Ry (R/ocky and T/y) is the brother-sister relationship of Rocky Blue and Ty Blue. Another name for them is Tocky.

Rocky Blue and Ty Blue are brother and sister. Though they are family, they have very different personalities. Rocky is a smart, straight A student while Ty is a "ladies man". They both hold one common trait, which is dancing. They both go to John Hughes High School. Although they make fun of each other often, they usually give support to each other when needed.

Relationship with family

They live with their mother, Marcie Blue, in the apartment a few stories or so above the Jones apartment. It was shown in the episode Doctor It Up. However, every time Rocky comes into CeCe's apartment (besides coming home from school), she always climbs down the fire escape and crawls through CeCe's window.

Their father, Curtis Blue, is a doctor and was gone for eight months with Doctors Without Borders (as stated in Doctor It Up). He has high expectations for his children, wanting them to follow his footsteps and become doctors, though Rocky wants to dance and Ty wants to become a rapper.


  • Both are good dancers, though Ty seems to enjoy dancing more as hobby than a career like his sister.
  • Both have black or dark hair.
  • They both enjoy hanging out with their friends.
  • They both are shown to be good.
  • Though they don't have much in common, they care about each other a lot.
  • Both are the brightest of there closest friends.
  • Both have a similiar personallity, and are normally calm and friendly, but not above being snarky with there friends, and if pushed can reveal a somewhat aggressive side.


Season 1

Start It Up

  • Ty encourages Rocky to try out for Shake It Up, Chicago.
  • Rocky seemed jealous when Ty was dancing.

Meatball It Up

  • Rocky takes Ty (and Deuce) to lunch at the Olive Pit, Ty's favorite restaurant.
  • Ty helps Rocky to finish 'The Heart Attack' meatball, so that Rocky and CeCe don't have to pay for the meal that they can't afford.

Give It Up

  • Ty collects sponsor signatures and donations for Rocky.

Show It Up

  • Rocky has an embarrassing picture of Ty on her phone.
  • Rocky forces Ty to join them in the talent show by using the picture of him dressed as Princess Leia.

Break It Up

  • Ty visits Rocky in the hospital.

    Ty and Rocky with their parents.

Season 2

Doctor It Up

  • Rocky and Ty's dad comes back and they work together to try and convince him to accept their dreams of being a dancer (Rocky) and a rapper (Ty).

Made In Japan

  • Ty tries to pursuade Rocky to make up with CeCe after they have their big fight.


Season 3

Funk It Up

  • Rocky laughed at Ty because of the mustache Deuce drew on his face.
  • Rocky made a joke of using the razor.

Ty It Up

  • Rocky asked Ty to help Tinka to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Its revealed it was Ty who taught Rocky to dance in the first place.
  • They're in the argument for the last spot for the show.
  • Ty reveals he's somewhat envious of Rocky, as despite being the elder, she always is better than him at everything.
  • Ty admits he's sorry about them ending up competing against each other, but still refuses to back down, as he finally feels proud of himself.
  • Ty told Rocky that he's the new host, so he gave Rocky the spot.
  • Ty cuddled Rocky after learning she still can't get the spot.
  • Rocky watched Ty hosting the show for his first time on TV with their dad.

Clean It Up

  • Ty happily lets Rocky teach Logan to dance on the set of Shake It Up Chicargo.
  • Ty only tells Logan that if he gets caught that he doesn't know him, suggesting if Rocky was caught he would come to her aid.
  • Ty proves to be highly protective of Rocky, as he angered when he catches Logan kissing her, then forcefully drags Logan off the show.

I Do It Up

  • Upon catching Rocky and Logan at Crusty's he angerly demands to know what there doing, and makes a point that the two of them are sitting on the same side of the booth.
  • Ty later catches them at the wedding, and forcefully sends Logan in the other way.
  • Throughout the whole episode he acts hostile and aggressive to Logan.

Forward & Back It Up

  • Ty (along with CeCe and Tinka) helps Rocky to get back on Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Ty dresses up as Rocky to try and fool Phil.
  • Ty tries to copy Rocky's moves but she catches him out.

Switch It Up

  • Rocky is mad when Ty doesn't put her in the dance.


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