Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
Tinka Hessenheffer
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Caroline Sunshine

Ronka (Ro/cky and Ti/nka) is the friendship/conflict pairing of Rocky Blue and Tinka Hessenheffer. They are classified as frenemies, often competing against each other while they appear as dancers on Shake It Up! Chicago together. They both attend John Hughes High School. Even though they often exchange insults and compete against each other, they can get along, depending on the situation.

Ronka Moments

Season One

Start It Up

  • Tinka comes up to Rocky.
  • Tinka shows off her Flyer to Rocky (and CeCe).
  • Tinka knows that Rocky didn't have a phone.
  • Tinka tells Rocky to text her.
  • Rocky asked if she could exchange Tinka back, Tinka seemed offended.
  • Rocky looked upset after Tinka mocks about her lack of phone.
  • Rocky didn't want to audition because she listened to Tinka.

Give It Up

  • After Rocky shouts "Everybody likes me!" at CeCe, Tinka replies, "Not everybody."

Hook It Up

  • When CeCe and Rocky immitate Gunther and Tinka, Rocky is Tinka.

Heat It Up

  • Rocky said Tinka should win the science fair.

Show It Up

  • Rocky wants Gunther and Tinka to join her and CeCe so they can win the talent show.
  • When Randy and Candy mock Gunther and Tinka, Rocky has a horrified look on her face.

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • Tinka seems to think that CeCe is the sidekick and that Rocky is the leader of their duo.
  • Rocky pays compliments to Tinka, saying that she is "the most original person" that she's ever met, but this is mostly because it is the day to "break the bread" with your enemies.

Break It Up

  • When Rocky jumps into the lake and everyone is clapping, you can hear Tinka say "Go Rocky!"
  • Tinka shows concern when Rocky is injured.

Ronka 0001

Season Two

Split It Up

  • Tinka wanted to make sure CeCe didn't get to perform on Good Morning Chicago, and Rocky almost sided with her.
  • Tinka said "Text me when you're ready for operation snot rag", implying that they have each other's phone numbers.

Slumber It Up

  • Tinka told Rocky, "You are beautiful, and if Bryan Huddleston doesn't know what a catch you are, it's his loss."
  • Tinka and Rocky shared their first hug.
  • Rocky said it meant a lot when Tinka complimented her, and told Tinka she was glad she went to the party.

Made In Japan

Season Three

Ronka Quit It Up 05

Fire It Up

  • Tinka was hugged by Rocky (and CeCe).
  • Rocky (and CeCe) accepts Tinka's friendship.

Quit It Up

  • Tinka helped Rocky find a dress for CeCe's mom for the bridal shower.

Ty It Up

  • After learning they have to audition with a partner, Rocky decided to help Tinka find a partner after she improved her attitude and felt terrible that Gunther is no longer here in America.
    Forward & Back It Up 000

    Ronka + Cece in Forward and Back it up

Forward & Back It Up

In The Bag It Up

  • Rocky and Tinka (along with CeCe) rent a purse they like.

Future It Up

  • Since Ty and Tinka get engaged, Rocky and Tinka will become sisters in law.

My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up

  • Tinka had a gift for Rocky (and CeCe) at the sweet 16 party.

Stress It Up

  • Tinka needed Rocky's help to do the school's call centre.

Loyal It Up

  • Rocky and Tinka (along with CeCe) were both asked by Gary to audition for 'Dance Factor'.


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