Oh no, we just burned Andy Burns.

CeCe Jones

Review It Up
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Season: 2
Episode: 6
Production code: 210
Broadcast number: 27
Written by:
David Holden
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
November 6, 2011
International airdate:
January 19, 2012 (Italy)

February 14, 2012 (Catalonia)
February 14, 2012 (Latin America)
February 14, 2012 (Brazil)
February 17, 2012 (Germany)
March 7, 2012 (France)
March 17, 2012 (Romania)
March 30, 2012 (Spain)
April 1, 2012 (Japan)
April 6, 2012 (Czech Republic)
April 6, 2012 (Hungary)
April 20, 2012 (Netherlands / Flanders)
May 19, 2012 (Poland)
May 24, 2012 (Israel)

Review It Up is the 6th episode in season 2 of Shake It Up and the 27th of the overall series. It first aired on November 6, 2011.


When entertainment blogger, Andy Burns , gives "Shake It Up, Chicago!" a bad review, CeCe and Rocky have to do whatever it takes to convince him that their dancing deserves a god, glowing review. Meanwhile, Deuce and Dina get bad advice on how to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Featured Songs & Dances

  • Critical: dance number by Rocky, CeCe, and the Shake It Up, Chicago dancers
  • Breakout: played when Rocky and CeCe were dancing for Andy Burns in the elevator


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Guest stars



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Shake it up review it up part 2

Memorable Quotes

CeCe: Yeah, he just burned "Shake It Up, Chicago!".
Rocky: I hate him. What did he say?
CeCe: I'm not gonna tell you because you'll freak and get all flustered.
Rocky: What? Okay, no, no. I'll be fine. Read.
CeCe: All right. (reads the review) The teen dance show, "Shake It Up, Chicago!" showcases some of the worst dancing ever. It should really be called "Makes Me Want To Throw Up, Chicago!".
Rocky: (flustered) That... That... That...
CeCe: Doing it!
Rocky: That's ridiculous! I don't want to hear anymore. Keep reading.
CeCe: Uh, (continues reading) The music is juvenile and the set looks like leftovers from a disco yard sale. The only thing missing is a cheesy, egotistical host. Oh, wait, they have that, too.
Rocky: Yeah, that's true.
CeCe: Yeah, you can't argue with that.
Rocky: You know what? We're bigger than this, okay? Forget the review. We know our show is awesome.
CeCe: Yeah, he also gave us a grade of C-.
Rocky: (flustered again) How... how... how... how...
CeCe: Doing it again!
Rocky: How dare he! Okay, Rocky Blue has never gotten a C- in her life.
CeCe: You know that doesn't go on your permanent record, right?
Rocky: I know that up here, but not here.
Andy: Oh! My eye! You just burned my eye!
CeCe: Oh, no, we just burned Andy Burns.
Rocky: I cannot believe it, Andy Burns gives that new brainsuckers movie an A+ and we only get a C-?
CeCe: Oh my gosh. Please, Rocky, just let it go. It's just a stupid review on a stupid blog.
Rocky: Really? So you didn't read the part of the review where he said, (reads her cellphone, refreshing CeCe's memory) The clothes are horrible and note to the red head, those bangs are not your friend.
CeCe: We gotta do something. Now it's personal.
CeCe: (sees Andy dancing to music on his MP3 player) What is he doing?
Rocky: Well, he's either dancing or trying to summon rain.
CeCe: And he has the nerve to give us a bad review? Boo! F-!
Andy: Hey, wait. You're the two girls that melted my contact into my eye.
Rocky: Yeah, sorry about that. Um, you see, we came to talk to you about changing the grade you gave us.
Andy: Wait, wait, wait, so you're not actually window washers? I'm shocked.
Rocky: Okay, look, our show has some A+ material. Although at this point I'm willing to accept an A-.
Andy: Uh, no. Changing a review is against reviewer's ethics. I'm sorry.
CeCe: But... oh, come on. We'll prove it. Just watch this dance. All right, boombox, Rocky!
Rocky: (drops the boombox) Look out!
CeCe: No!
(crashing, car alarm blaring)
Andy: My new car is parked down there! Ow! Oh, my head! I think I'm bleeding.
Rocky: Oh, CeCe, push the button! Push the button!
CeCe: Oh, and by the way, the accounting ladies on 28 loved us!
Andy: You two again. You know, thanks to you, my eye is messed up, I have a mild concussion and I definitely need a new windshield. Now girls, I mean this in the nicest possible way. You're a nightmare.
CeCe: Well, we are trying to apologize. Here, have a "please forgive us" chocolate.
Andy: Is that coconut?
CeCe: Yes. Isn't it delicious?
Andy: I'm allergic to coconut!
Rocky: I guess we won't be returning them.
CeCe: Ew, all right, it's showtime!
(elevator bell rings)
Andy: Why are you stopping the elevator?
CeCe: Because we're going to razzle-dazzle you.
Andy: No!
Rocky: She just means we're going to dance for you.
Andy: Oh, in that case... No!
CeCe: Here, hold this. Ready? 5, 6, 7, 8.
Andy: Ow!
CeCe: Sorry.
Andy: Ow!
Rocky: Sorry.
Andy: Ow! Oh, gosh! Oh, man! Ow! Ow! Girls, I can't breathe.
CeCe: Rocky, we took his breath away.
Rocky: No, no, no, no, no, CeCe, I think he's claustrophobic.
Andy: Are the walls coming together like the garbage pit in Star Wars?
CeCe: Oh, sorry. We'll get you out of here.
Rocky: Open the door, open the door, open the door!
(After she sees the guard) Close the door, close the door, close the door! Close, close, close, close, close, close, close!
Andy: (Picks up telephone) Andy Burns... Or what's left of him.
CeCe: So wrote that review after all these years just to get even? Nicely done! And I thought I could hold a grudge.


  • Flynn, Gunther and Tinka are absent.
  • This is the third episode in a row (in this season) where Gunther and Tinka are absent.
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