Maybe he's just taking a nap...with his mouth open...and his gills hanging out. Either that's a very old fish...or some very new sushi!


Reunion It Up
Reunion It Up 5
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Production code: 116
Broadcast number: 15
Written by:
Howard J. Morris
Directed by:
Sean McNamara
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
April 10, 2011
International airdate:
June 14, 2011 (Netherlands / Flanders)

June 25, 2011 (Poland)
June 30, 2011 (Germany)
July 9, 2011 (Hungary)
August 2, 2011 (Latin America)
August 6, 2011 (Romania)
August 9, 2011 (Brazil)
August 26, 2011 (Italy)
September 9, 2011 (Spain)
September 9, 2011 (Catalonia)
September 24, 2011 (Israel)
September 28, 2011 (France)
October 2, 2011 (Czech Republic)

Reunion It Up is the 15th episode of season 1 of Shake It Up and the 15th of the overall series. It first aired on April 10, 2011.


CeCe and Rocky get the chance to dance with Ronnie Jenson and Angie Delgado, two of the original dancers of "Shake It Up, Chicago". But when they see that the women are no longer friends, CeCe and Rocky fear that they will feel the same way later in their own lives. Meanwhile, Deuce accidentally kills Flynn's goldfish and the boys arrange a proper funeral for the fish.

Rocky's vision of the Future

Rocky thinks that without CeCe no one pushed her to try new things. CeCe goes on to be a huge pop start but Rocky was left behind and stayed a dancer on Shale It Up Chicago. It's the 75 anniversary of Shake It Up Chicago and CeCe is a special guess. Gary Wilde them brings out Rocky. She is wearing a pink track suit and is on a scooter. Rocky's hair is blond and curly much like an afro. CeCe and Rocky get very excited to see each other. The show cuts to a break. CeCe wants a hug from Rocky. So Rocky squeezes her way off the scooter. (She literally squeezes). It then reviles that Rocky has a huge butt. Her but was stuck between the armrests that's why she had to squeeze her way out. She walks over to CeCe. They hug. CeCe stares at Rocky's butt. Then says, "Wow baby got back". Then they both smack Rocky's butt. "What are you still doing here?" CeCe asks Rocky. "Without you in my life I had no one to push me to try new things". Rocky says. Then the commercial break ends. Rocky starts dancing with her butt facing the camera. She walks over to a few dancers and knocks them off stage with her butt. Then Rocky proceeds to shake her butt in front of the camara. And Rocky's vision ends.

CeCe's vision of the Future

CeCe's vision starts with her as an old woman still living in the same apartment building that she did when she was young. But now she is very fat. She walks down the stairs with a radio in one hand. She is rubbing her now huge stomach with the other. She sets the radio down a one of the steps. She starts playing the music and dancing around. She scares off a man on his bike. Then she starts dancing towards a young couple eating a few cherry tarts. She bends down to try and lift up her leg. She eventually does. She then claims that-that's signature move. The couple is scared and runs away. CeCe yells at them "Fine Who needs you! I used to be a dancer on shake it up  Chicago!" She is gasping for air because the dance really tired her out. She turns around and sees the cranberry tart. She picks one up and shoves it into her month. Rocky then spots CeCe and rushes towards her.

"CeCe is that you?" She asks. "Rocky how are you?" CeCe says spitting out the tart. "I'm good what have you been up to?" Rocky asks. "What do you think? I'm a professional dancer". CeCe says. " Really where?" Rocky asks laughing. "Here. The people love it. Am what am I going to do? Deny them all this". CeCe says then starts dancing around. "I'm the same old CeCe". She adds. "Actually it looks like you are the old CeCe". Rocky says. "Yeah so I put on a few", CeCe says then pushes in her gut to try and see her shoes, "Maybe my life stalled a bit after you went off to college. But I am still living the dream baby! Woah! So what have you been up to?" "I was a surgeon. And I just won the noble peace prize for my work with the poor. Now I spend my days playing with my 7 grandchildren". Rocky said. "So what I'm hearing is you couldn't make it as a dancer". CeCe add knowing that Rocky is better them her and that she needed to say something. But Rocky just gives her a look and the vision ends.

CeCe's vision of her future without Rocky

Episode Summary

CeCe and Rocky are the winners of a vote to see who would get to dance the Generation Dance with original Shake It Up, Chicago! dancers, Ronnie Jenson and Angie Delgado. CeCe knew that the two never had to do something underhanded in order to win...just as Gary Wilde announces that the two will be giving him free car washes for a month. Rocky also sheepishly admits that she accepted to walk Gary's dog for the month, leaving CeCe wondering what it's like to drive...Deuce is panicked at the sight of Mr. Goldberg, Flynn's goldfish, floating upside down, after overfeeding him and trying to dispose of the extra with a mini-vacuum. Ty also notices his open mouth and gills hanging out. He tells Deuce just to tell Flynn that it's the "circle of life," just as Flynn enters. Deuce tells Flynn the news, and he himself notes it as the "circle of life." However, when Flynn finds that Deuce is responsible for the goldfish's death, he requests a proper funeral, and does not accept flushing Mr. Goldberg down the toilet, since he rids things that "aren't cherished family friends" inside the toilet. Rocky and CeCe meet Ronnie and Angie themselves, but find out that they have not been friends since Angie kissed Ronnie's boyfriend, even though Angie says she was doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him. Deuce, Ty, and Flynn try to think up of an idea for Mr. Goldberg's funeral. Ty suggests a burial at sea, but Flynn rejects it by saying to rather use Mr. Goldberg as bait on the end of a hook. Deuce comes up with a "classy" idea, displaying a miniature black coffin from his remote-controlled truck. Flynn says the coffin is "real classy", and that it would be remembered when Deuce died. At the high school, Rocky worries if the two aren't real best friends, but instead BFFNs (Best Friends For Now). Rocky wonders what her life would be like without CeCe, dating 60 years into the future in 2071, where Shake It Up, Chicago! is celebrating its 75th anniversary. CeCe is entranced with a more robotic voice, and fuller cheeks, as described by a future Gary Wilde. Rocky is also entranced, with white hair and on a scooter, frequently running over the feet of dancers. The show cuts to a break, and the two are happy to be reunited, and CeCe marvels at Rocky's inhumanly large butt. Rocky is still a backup dancer on the show and still excited to sometime receive a spotlight dance (Give It Up). The break finishes and Rocky begins dancing at the front. Most of her dance shows Rocky facing her butt to the camera, bumping other dancers with her butt, and a foot grab at the end. The dream finishes, and real-life Rocky tells CeCe that they must be best friends forever. They "slap swear" each other, leaving CeCe needing to take a trip to the nurse's office. To and Deuce try to plan out the funeral for Mr. Goldberg but Glynn is unimpressed by their suggestions.

At a rehearsal for the anniversary show, Annie and Ronnie have another fight and storm of in anger, forcing Gary to cancel the generations dance. Upset, Rocky and Cece wonder how these two good friends stopped liking each other, making Cece reflect on what her life would be like without Rocky. In the future, Cece exits her current appartment but is older and has become extremely fat, sporting huge thighs and a large belly. She waddles down the stairs whilst happily rubbing her gut after scoffing down some lasagne. She eventually reaches the bottom of the stairs out of breath and switches on the music player. She begins to dance but her massive girth has made her become a terrible dancer as she moves towards and scares away a cyclist. She continues to dance badly as she approaches a young couple who are embarrassed by this older and fatter Cece. After pulling off some poor dance moves she attempts to lift up her heavy thigh onto the table, eventually managing it and causing the table to shake. The obese Cece boasts about her "Signature Move" to a young girl as she and her boyfriend quickly sprint away. Cece eventually manages to get down from the table but her fat body is exhausted following her awful dancing. She yells at the young couple but soon forgets them after shoving a tart into her mouth, thus causing her to get even fatter.

Soon, an older Rocky arrives causing Cece to spit out the tart. Rocky asks Cece what she has done with her life and Cece claims she is a professional dancer when in reality she is a washed up obese, elderly lady. Then, she shows off her dances moves, claiming she is the "same old Cece". However, Rocky cheekily replies that it looks like she ate the old Cece. Cece comments that she put on a few pounds when in reality she tripled her body size as she tries to push in her fat gut in order to to see her shoes but fails. The funeral for Mr. Goldberg is active, even complete with a band playing music. Deuce tells a eulogy, but Flynn is disappointed and takes over. Ty also sings a song about Mr. Goldberg, and he quickly disposes of Mr. Goldberg in the trash can. Flynn puts a grave on the lid of the can, and turns it on, displaying, 'MR. GOLDBERG JONES, Beloved Goldfish, 2011-2011'. The three each put their rose on the lid, and the band plays more jazzy music to "take" the three "away," as the band and three dance off-screen.

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Shake It Up 1x16 "Reunion It Up" Promo

Shake It Up 1x16 "Reunion It Up" Promo

Shake It Up - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Reunion It Up - Part 2 2

Shake It Up - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Reunion It Up - Part 2 2

Memorable Quotes

Ty: Maybe he's just taking a nap...with his mouth open...and his gills hanging out. Either that's a very old fish...or some very new sushi!
(Mr. Goldberg, Flynn's cherished goldfish, shows clues of death)
Deuce: I fed him too much...and I tried to suck out the extra with this mini-vac.
Ty: That's not the circle of life! That's the circle of STUPID!

"Wow baby got back! Matter fact baby got backs!" CeCe says to Rocky who has a huge butt.

"CeCe: Pinky swear!

Rocky: Uh uh, this calls for something a little stronger, slap swear?

CeCe: Do we have to? Fine, slap swear. I promise that we'll always be best friends.

(Rocky and CeCe slap each other)

Rocky: Thanks, I feel a lot better

CeCe: Really? 'Cause I feel like I need to go see the nurse!
Rocky: You know when I have a daughter I'm naming her CeCe!

"Same old CeCe". Fat old CeCe says to Rocky " looks like you are the old CeCe". Rocky says back. " Yeah (ehhh) so I put on a few (pounds) after you left for collage". CeCe says defending herself.

CeCe: You know when I have a daughter, I'm naming her CeCe too!


  • The tourist said that Shake It Up was filmed for 11 years, but it's the 15th anniversary of the show. It is possible that the first Shake it Up, Chicago stage was used for 4 years, and the new stage for 11 years.


  • CeCe says "Baby Got Back," making a reference to the song of the same name that was released in 1992 by Sir-Mix-A-Lot.
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