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Remember Me
Remember It Up
Season: 3
Episode: 26
Production code: 326
Broadcast number: 75
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
November 10, 2013
International airdate:
November 15, 2013 (Canada)
December 18, 2013 (France)
December 20, 2013 (Benelux)
December 25, 2013 (Greece)
January 10, 2014 (Scandinavia)
January 31, 2014 (UK)
February 2, 2014 (CEE)
February 13, 2014 (Australia)
March 29, 2014 (Latin America)
March 29, 2014 (Poland)
April 11, 2014 (Portugal)
May 31, 2014 (Japan)
December 19, 2014 (Russia)

Remember Me, also known as Remember It Up, is the 26th episode of Season 3 in Shake It Up and 75th overall in the series.


"Shake it Up Chicago" hosts a charity fashion show with Rocky, Tinka and CeCe as it's star models, however the girls' runway dreams are cut short when a fashion mishap leaves CeCe with amnesia. While Georgia and Flynn try to follow the doctor's orders and give CeCe time to heal, a devastated Rocky tries everything she can to get her best friend to remember her and the special memories they've shared.

Episode Summary

The episode begins at Shake It Up Chicago with CeCe taking food because her mom is working the late shift, which Rocky pointed out. Also, she is responsible for lunch for Flynn as well as the shopping. Then Gary comes by to tell CeCe to stop stealing food and then tells everyone that Shake It Up Cares is hosting a fashion show for the children's hospital and everyone is gonna be in it. Rocky and CeCe are excited until Tinka tells him that she's picking what she's wearing. Gary says "It's not gonna happen." then Tinka says "Well you talked me into it!

Later at the Jones Apatment Rocky and CeCe are practicing walking on the runway with their dresses while telling each other that they look awesome until CeCe says to Rocky: "You know what would look great with these designer dresses? Designer shoes!" which Rocky agrees with and says "I think I'm in love." at the same time as CeCe. Rocky sees how high CeCe's heels are and asks her why they would give her shoes like those. CeCe says "I'm begging them to." Then asks her "Aren't they amazing?" while Rocky comments "Yeah they look like a hot pink eiffel tower." and said "CeCe you can't walk in these." which CeCe replied "Rocky, I have never met a pair of shoes I can't walk in." which she stood up and almost fell until Rocky caught (Impossible-to-walk-in-shoes meet CeCe made impossible-to-walk-in-shoes.") while helping her adjust to them.

At Crusty's Dina calls for Deuce three times until he finally answers and tells her that he now responds to his given name Martin Martinez which Dina said "Oh I got that E-Blast but it went into my spam folder because I don't know anyone by the name Martin Martinez." Dina then asks: "What's wrong with Deuce? " which he said "The whole 'Deuce' thing was holding me back and I decided to recreate myself." Dina replies "Really? You took a long look at yourself and decided the only thing that needed changing is your name?"

Meanwhile on the day of the fashion show everyone is getting ready. Rocky and CeCe see Tinka's dress which Tinka does not like it one bit because it's all white, while CeCe is walking for a second when Rocky said "CeCe are you sure you can walk in those heels?" CeCe replies: "Yep absolutely!" Which Rocky comments "Are you sure the high altitude isn't clouding your judgment?" leaving CeCe to say "Rocky, I practice all day, I'm fine." Then Tinka insults her and then laughs and Rocky tells them both that her dress is uncomfortable which CeCe points out that her dress is on backwards then Rocky goes back to fix it. Tinka is still uncomfortable about her dress, wishing for it to be colorful until she sees CeCe's lipgloss and decides to add color that way. While the fashion show is going on, everyone sees the dresses which everyone likes. Everyone but Tinka blew the audience away with her color changing then Gary announces that the girls are out of the final number, which CeCe struggles with a little bit because of the heels while everyone is getting ready for the final poses. Rocky was going before CeCe telling her she did with heels and does her final walk until she suddenly falls off the runway, either from the heels or not looking at the runway, which both Gary and Rocky heard first. Realizing what happen, Rocky shouts out CeCe's name then she and Tinka run to her side and then she shouts: "Model down, model down!"

At the hospital, Rocky and the others are waiting to see if CeCe is OK. Meanwhile, a nurse told Deuce that he left his lights on only for Dina to think he asked her to page him as Martin Martinez. Rocky then asks the nurse how CeCe is doing. The nurse to tell her that she is not family until she told the nurse that she is until Flynn comes to tell her that his mom needs to see her, leaving the others a little worried.

Then, Rocky is with Georgia as she tells her that CeCe is fine and they're getting her a room then she'll be home in no time, much to her happiness. However, Georgia was about to let Rocky know something until she was interrupted by the arrival of CeCe in a hospital bed. Rocky tells CeCe how happy she is that she's OK and didn't know what she would do without her, which she finds very sweet, "Awww that's so sweet. One question: Who are you?", but she doesn't know who she is, shocking Rocky. Then the nurse takes her to her room while Georgia explains the situation to Rocky.

Next scene is back at the Jones's apartment where CeCe is looking at a mirror saying her name three times then in a different language thinking she's Italian which she feels is right, while Georgia and Flynn are watching the whole thing, until Flynn tells her: "Actually, you're wrong and you'll get used to hearing that." Much to Miss Jones' annoyance, CeCe tells Flynn she wishes she remembered him and asks him to tell her anything about their relationship only for Flynn to say things that aren't true then Georgia gets him to tell her the truth which he does which he says "Fine, the truth is you're an awesome sister and I hope you remember me soon." Which CeCe finds really sweet and she hopes she does too with Georgia also finding it sweet whilst Flynn leaves. Rocky walks through the fire escape window which freaks CeCe out, thinking that she's breaking into her home but Rocky tries to calm her down while trying to help her remember only for her to freak her out even more until Georgia stops her to tell her to say that she's putting too much pressure on her and that the doctor said that if her memory is gonna come back it has to do so naturally only for Rocky to protest: "What do you mean 'if'? She's gotta remember who she is and she has to remember me!" leaving Georgia to apologize and say: "Hopefully her memory will totally come back, if not in bits and pieces." Although Rocky protests again: "That's not good enough why can't we-" but Georgia calms her down and tells her not to push it, telling her to bite her tongue whenever she's pushing it. Tinka then comes in to give CeCe a hat and insult her only for CeCe to jump off the couch. "Wait a minute I remember something!" It's Tinka, remembering her but thinks it in the wrong way thinking she's her BFF, "Of course, how could I forget my BFF?" and hugs her much to Tinka and Rocky's dismay. Tinka finds it scary that she thinks of her that way and Rocky gets upset only for Georgia to stop her and so she bites her tongue.

Meanwhile back at Crusty's Deuce is taking the 'Martin Martinez' thing a little too far. Dina tries to remind him to be who he is based on what's going on with CeCe only for Deuce to space out, look at his new name tag leaving Dina more frustrated with her boyfriend and walks out

Next scene goes to Shake It Up Chicago where CeCe and Tinka are walking in and talking about BFF stuff until Rocky asks her how she's doing, which confuses her up to the point where she asks Tinka what's her name again which she reminds her and asks "How are you doing?" which Rocky replied "Doing great, doing just great." and asks Tinka for a moment then asks: "What do you think you're doing?" and asks you know you two aren't besties right which Tinka replied "Oh please, do you think I want to be doing this? I'm just only following Miss Jones's directions not to pressure her." In her words not rock the dingy which she preferring to CeCe, then she asks Rocky: "Why is she being so petty?" only for Rocky to say "She's not, she's just freaking out!" that she might not see the CeCe she came to know, old CeCe doesn't come back. Afraid that the new CeCe won't want anything to do with her, the new CeCe doesn't want to be her best friend and also that she doesn't know what she's gonna do without her which makes Tinka give in to comfort her, cheer her up and say: "Everything is gonna be OK." which Rocky replies "Really?" Only for her to say "Sure why not." Then Tinka goes to see CeCe, who was done talking to Ty as he gives her flowers to welcome her back. CeCe says "Hey bestie, look who brought me flowers to welcome me back!" which Tinka can't deny being sweet until CeCe tells her how cute he is and asks her if he's her boyfriend only for both him and Rocky to tell her he is not. Ty then comments: "Well she could do a lot worse." Mistaken for another person in her life, then Rocky tells her brother to walk away, which he does. Gary comes in to hug CeCe, happy to see her not knowing that it's going to freak her out and she says: "Stranger danger!" twice then Rocky tells her to calm down it's their boss. Gary tells her she's happy she's back because their season finale dance is coming up which makes CeCe nervous about it. Gary asks her if she can handle it only for CeCe to question about being a dancer even though she knows that everyone said she is one. Through Tinka's encouragement along with telling her how much she loves it and to trust her. Rocky tells her "Let's get started practicing for the dance number." But when they were about to practice the number CeCe stops, claiming she's got nothing only for Gary to cut her from the dance which Rocky and Tinka try to help her see what she needs to do in this kind of situation, "OK you just found out you're not gonna be in the big final dance, OK your wheel is turning, you're plotting, what are you going to do?" Only for her to say: "Act graciously and accept that Gary's the boss and I should do what he says." Then she walks away with Rocky commenting "Aww man it's worse than we thought!"

Next scene Rocky goes to see CeCe going through the fire escape only to find out that it's locked until CeCe lets her in and Rocky asks "Why's the window locked?" Then CeCe responds: "Well to avoid people coming through it." Possibly Rocky herself, but she already did so, making Rocky confused and bummed that she still doesn't remember her, then CeCe goes on to the couch with Tinka which makes Rocky upset to the point she says "Really? Tinka is here again?" which CeCe just says "Yeah, we are BFFs!" then Rocky gets even more upset and tells her "Stop that, She is not your best friend." Tinka is telling Rocky to calm down, back the boat away from the dingy, only for Rocky to say: "No I can't take it anymore, I've had enough lying and I can't stand seeing CeCe confused, she needs to hear the truth! CeCe, you may think Tinka is your best friend, but you need to remember:" She tries to tell CeCe about Tinka's true nature, Flashbacks from Season One and Two of Tinka insulting Rocky and CeCe, only for her not to believe her. "That is the real Tinka." and for Tinka to comment: "Well thanks a lot Rocky, now that she's forgotten everything I was planning to reuse some of those zingers!" which makes CeCe think it's a joke and laughs then tells Rocky that's why she loves her she's funny along with doing her and Rocky's signature moving there fingers together leaving Rocky more upset, it's Rocky and CeCe's thing not CeCe and Tinka's thing, which Rocky tells them to just stop it. "CeCe, may I just say-" looking at Tinka asking for her name again Rocky, tells Rocky that "You seem like a nice enough girl but you're kinda pushy, overbearing." leaving Rocky to not listen to her because she thinks she's referring to her. "Well you're starting to remember but you're not remembering me you're remembering you, now you're going to remember us!" Their friendship, telling CeCe that they've been best friends since they were five years old and ever since then it's been one adventure after another

In the flashback it's mostly the stuff CeCe drags Rocky into from the second season; applying for CFA and not telling her, signing them up to a boot camp instead of a dance boot camp, sneaking on set to meet Taylor Lautner, getting on a game show where they are the girls to do bad stuff when someone gets a question wrong people in bird costumes feeding them weird, gross food and flying while dancing on a wing of an airplane in Texas in the air.

CeCe doesn't get why she's friends with her only for Rocky to get confused about what she means by that until CeCe points it out. "Look's like all I do is get you into trouble. It's not exactly BFF material." Rocky tell her she's missing the point which makes her think that they're making progress, thinking she's getting through to her "Look you get us into a lot of messes but I wouldn't have it any other way. Bottom line, you are a great friend." Rocky telling CeCe she's been a better friend to her than she's been to her

Flashback from the moments CeCe's influence helps Rocky get through life and realize there's more out there than being smart, first season CeCe tells Rocky "Aww come on Rock don't do this again." "Do what?" "Be you. Talking yourself out of doing something before it even happens." And then tells her all their lives we dream about being professional dancers now they can see they're good enough.Then the rest of the good moments come from the second season, before going into the finals of the dance contest to go to Japan which CeCe tells her "Well if it's gonna happen to someone, why can't it be us?" Rocky then tells her: "If it weren't for her she wouldn't be in Japan right now. in the karaoke club, CeCe tells Rocky to get out there in the world and not live inside because she's way too embarrassed from what happened on Good Morning Chicago and Rocky telling her one of the things she learnt from being friends with her is that life is about finding excitement and having an adventure which CeCe thought using the advice she gave her brother until Rocky told her it was something she said. then they hold hands before the flight.

Rocky then asks her to give her something, hoping it'll help jog CeCe's memory, but CeCe still doesn't remember her and tells her she's sorry as well, she doesn't believe what Rocky was telling her or being pressured to remember, much to Rocky's shock and sadness then Tinka tells her that she does admire her for trying and reminds her not to pressure her. However, Rocky makes one final attempt to try and get her best friend back by telling her how much she needs her which makes her break down crying, thinking she's never gonna see the CeCe she came to know again. Seeing Rocky sad bring a jolt in CeCe's memory, realizing Rocky was telling her the truth and that she meant every words she said, and did, with Tinka looking at her feeling sympathy for her. Then Ty, Dina and Deuce come by with some pizza but once they come in they see Rocky crying then CeCe breathes in for a second to tell Rocky to stop crying telling her: "You'll get makeup in your eyes and you'll look like a raccoon then you'll realise how horrible you look and that will make you cry even more." While Rocky pulls herself together, CeCe tells Rocky if she keeps on crying then Deuce would cry like he always does but Deuce defends himself by saying that he is an emotional man then Dina comforts him which makes Tinka give a light smile and CeCe confused as to what she was saying. Ty then says "Wait, what did you just say?" Then CeCe repeats what she said using Rocky's and Deuce's name, Ty and Dina look at each other and realize that CeCe's memory is returning and remembers them. Then Deuce tells her that his name is not Deuce anymore it's Martin only for Dina to get annoyed but CeCe testifies saying "Wait no!" telling him his name is Deuce and also saying: "Your name is Deuce. I know you Deuce." Not only did this make Deuce happy that she remembers him but he also realizes that he made a mistake of going back to his given name and he should be happy he's Deuce not Martin, hugging him then Dina, after she says her name, then Ty and then telling Tinka "You're awful!" making Tinka happy that she remembered her true nature. Then she finally goes to Rocky to tell her "We're best friends." which Rocky replies "We are. Forever and always." As both of them hug everyone group hugs from the friends. Flynn then comes into the room asking what’s going on then CeCe tells him: "You're Flynn, you're my little brother. Flynn much to his happiness then CeCe remembers that Flynn owes her money and then asks her to pay but before he gets their mother and tells her that CeCe remembers everything and asks for money only for her mom to say she's happy her daughter is back, "CeCe, you're CeCe again!" Then everyone goes for a group hug then CeCe tells them that she loves everyone then she tells them she can do this all day but she tells Rocky they need to find a way to get her back into the dance finale which makes Rocky happy, "Yay, she's back!" only for everyone to start laughing

The final scene goes to the dance number, CeCe found a way to get back into the final dance and tells Gary she has her memory back and shows him that she remembers the dance number which CeCe, Rocky, Tinka and Ty are in.

The credits show moments from Season One up to Season Three from all cast members, excluding Kenton Duty, on how much they've grown from doing the show.



Main Cast


Memorable Quotes

Tinka: Oh, please! White and white?! I've seen rice with more style!
Rocky: Tinka, come on, the fashion show is about to start.
CeCe: Aw, that's so sweet! Just one question: Who are you?
Ty and Rocky: No no no no no no no no no NO!!
Gary Wilde: Do I have the right cards?
Rocky Blue: You are my best friend in the whole world, please come back to me I need you!
Rocky Blue: What! She's not your best friend!
Tinka: Model Down, Model Down!
CeCe: And you're Rocky.

Rocky: I am.
CeCe And we're best friends.
Rocky: We are.
CeCe: Forever?

Rocky: And always.


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  • Adam said in an interview that the last episode was to remind everyone of everything the characters have been through. He said it was also to show how much they've grown and that filming the episode was very nostalgic.
  • Kenton Duty did not appear in one of the episodes as Gunther Hessenheffer as he said to BOP and Tiger Magazine that he would before the Season 3 even aired and the only time we hear about Gunther is by Tinka's mentions in Fire It Up and the quick mention by Deuce in Spirit It Up. He was even cropped out of the flashbacks in order to put the emphasis on Tinka's horribleness towards Rocky and CeCe.
  • The final line of the series, besides the song, "Remember Me", was said by Rocky: "Yup, she's back."
  • This episode is the first time Rocky uses her catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey." since it's absence in "Shake It Up: Made In Japan".
  • The episode was originally called "Remember It Up" but was changed for unknown reasons. However it is kept as an alternative name.
  • This is the third episode not to end in "It Up" (first was Shake It Up, Up & Away, second was Shake It Up: Made in Japan).
  • This is the only episode that doesn't end in "It Up" that is not longer than 30 minutes.
  • This episode got approximately 3.4 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • In the UK, this episode was called "Remember It Up".
  • This episode is very similar to the Full House episode where Michelle rides again in which the main character loses her memory and she gets it back by the end of the episode then they hug each other and all of the main characters try to help her remember all of the good times they had. Also both shows didn’t end with a series finale.

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