Matt "Dumbo" Nguyen
Can Nguyen
Charles Nguyen
Lawrence "Law" Devera
Justin "Jet Li" Valles
Chad Mayate
Origin: Orange County, California
Style(s): Popping, robotics, hip-hop
Affiliation(s): America's Best Dance Crew
Years active: 2007-present
Official website:
Official Twitter: @POREOTICS
Episode: Hot Mess It Up
Danced to: Break It Down Remix
Performance Video
Poreotix Performance on "Shake It Up"

Poreotix Performance on "Shake It Up"

Poreotics is an all-Asian crew that were crowned the America's Best Dance Crew champions in season 5. They are the fourth dance crew to appear in Shake It Up Chicago, the first one being Quest Crew, second one being Breaksk8, and third one being Saltare. Poreotics means POpping, choREgraphy, and robOTICS. They appeared in the episode Hot Mess It Up, performing to a remix of the songs Breakout, Not Too Young, Our Generation, Watch Me, Bling Bling, Roll the Dice, and It's Alive. Their trademark during performances is dark futuristic shades, but they wore nerdy glasses in the episode they guest starred in with their suspenders.