Olive Pit
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Chicago, Illinois

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White shirt with tie, Black pants



The Olive Pit is a restaurant in Chicago. It is Deuce and Ty's favorite restaurant ("Meatball It Up"). In "Beam It Up" it was revealed that the Olive Pit was shut down due to someone almost dying from trying to eat one of the "Big Fat Heart Attacks".


Unlimited Salad Bar

Includes garbanzo beans. $3.99 for the whole table.

Caesar's Feast

The four course, belly-busting tour of Italy. $19.95 per person.

Veal Parmesan

An item that Ty's date, Tasha Brooks, ordered.

The Big Fat Heart Attack

The Big Fat Heart Attack is a huge plate of spaghetti topped with a 10-pound meatball. If somebody eats the whole plate of food under an hour, their whole table's meals are free. Rocky had to eat it (along with CeCe, Ty, and Deuce secretly helping her) so their meals could be paid when CeCe and Rocky spent all their money for their own needs. They hid chunks in odd places, such as a boy's sweater.

Pasta with Marinara

This is unsure, but if you look closely at Rocky's plate, it is seen that there is pasta with marinara as her meal. It is not positive if she really was eating pasta, but it is most likely that they serve it at the restaurant, since it is Italian. CeCe may also have ordered the same thing as Rocky.

Background Information

  • The menu and restaurant style is a likely parody of Olive Garden.
  • The restaurant appears to be roach-infested.
  • One of the waitresses was named Brenda.


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