Loyal It Up
Season: 3
Episode: 24
Production code: 324
Broadcast number: 73
Written by:
Eileen Conn
Directed by:
Joel Zwick
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
September 29, 2013
International airdate:
October 26, 2013 (Greece)
November 6, 2013 (France)
November 8, 2013 (Canada)
November 10, 2013 (Poland)
January 10, 2014 (Denmark)
January 24, 2014 (UK)
March 23, 2014 (Japan)
December 18, 2014 (Russia)

Loyal It Up is a Season 3 episode of Shake It Up. It first aired on September 29, 2013.


Gary Wilde returns to announce he is hosting a new dance show – “Dance Factor” – and he wants CeCe, Rocky and Tinka to join the program. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn panic after learning their favorite snack has been discontinued.

Episode Summary

CeCe and Rocky gets ready for a new episode of Shake It Up, Chicaco!, dressing up as bells, when another bell walks by itself over to them and reveals that it is actually Gary Wilde trying to hide his stress. He tell the girls to meet him at Crusty's to talk about a top secret matter.

Later at Crusty's CeCe and Rocky wait for Gary to arrive but realise that he's hiding in the trash. Gary tells them that Shake It Up, Chicago! will be going out of business because of a new show called Dance Factor, on which Gary is the host and gets to pick the dancers, and want the Shake It Up dancers. But Ty stops by and interrupts, making Gary hide. Rocky make him go telling that Gary is in the trash, which he doesn't believe. Gary tells them they can pick everything by themselves and gets a huge clothing allowance. CeCe is all excited about it but Rocky deny, saying they can't just quit their current job.

Flynn looks for Deuce on the school and finds him. He tell Deuce he have lifechanging, earthshattering news. When Deuce tell him that he's being melodramatic, Flynn says that the company that make Spongy Cakes are going out of business to which Deuce break down in a scream. They begin to relive all the good times where they had a Spongy Cake to celebrate something new. They vow to not let it just happen and do something about it.

In CeCe's apartment CeCe still wants to quit but Rocky is convinced that they should be staying. Tinka stops by and tells them that she got told about Dance Factor too, and they both want to be on the new show, however Rocky still wants to stay on Shake It Up Chicago! so CeCe teaches her a lesson about loyalty, saying that Gary Wilde gave them their first job, and later got fired by Phil, the same Phil who didn't want Rocky back on the show, and Rocky is finally convinced about quitting, but want to talk about it with Phil first. Tinka leaves when Ty stops by and want to know what's going on, to which the girls say to Ty that Tinka has a crush on him, and he becomes very happy.

At Crusty's, Deuce baked some cakes to replace the Spongy Cakes. They had everything the Spongy Cakes had except the delicious taste.

At Shake It Up Chicago! Ty tries to get Tinka to like him by complimenting her, but she is disgusted by it. Later Phil's manager tells that Phil have something to tell them all, and shows an iPad Facetiming of Phil in New York. He tells them that he is happy that they stay loyal to him and Shake It Up Chicago! now that Dance Factor is competing and they all group hug. He tell his manager to walk away as he's crying. CeCe and Tinka still want to quit, however Rocky make them promise not to quit, and a disguised Gary Wilde comes and tell them to decide quickly what they want to do. CeCe gets the idea of being fired instead, to which Tinka rudely agree with her.

At Crusty's CeCe and Tinka are planning on how to get fired. Tinka insult CeCe, saying that she could start dancing horrible, but that it hadn't worked for her, to which CeCe replies that Tinka can be obnoxious, but that it hadn't worked for her. Then Tinka gets an idea to make some gossip about Rocky and CeCe go around, but CeCe denies it to happen. CeCe finally gets the idea of destroying the Shake It Up Chicago! billboard that Phil single-handedly created and sat up.

At CeCe's apartment Deuce and Flynn arrive with the very last box filled with Spongy Cakes and promise eachother only to take one in very special occasions, but Deuce still keeps trying to take one.

At the billboard stand CeCe and Tinka try to decide what to do but keep arguing over what will work the best that they don't get to do something. Rocky finds them and tell them off. When the police arrives they worry about being caught, but Tinka quickly takes a slide and take off on it.

At CeCe's apartment Flynn is watching TV when Deuce comes in happy for getting a B in Spanish and want to celebrate with a Spongy Cake, but Flynn denies it, saying Deuce speak Spanish fluently. But when the news reporter confirms that the Spongy Cakes are back in the making Deuce happily want to celebrate with a Spongy Cake, but when he sees that there's no one left he realize that Flynn ate them all the day they got them.

At Shake It Up Chicago! Phil, still Facetiming on iPad, has found out what they were trying to do to the billboard and says he should just fire them, but that he can't. He reveal that he fired Gary Wilde and became the new executive producer of Dance Factor and mock them all. So they are all back where they began, dancers on Shake It Up Chicago! but pity Gary for being fired again.

At the Shake It Up Chicago! stage, Ty Blue introduce the newest dance, but is being interupted by Gary Wilde who has again taken over at Shake It Up Chicago! as executive producer and host of the show, and both hosts can't seem to agree. The dancers begin to dance the newest dance.

At Crusty's Ty finds Tinka and still flirt with her, telling that Rocky and CeCe revealed that she have a crush on him, and shows her the gift that he think she made, a little ship in a bottle with the text "I Heart TY-tanic" and small mini-figures of Ty and Tinka doing the iconic "King of the World" pose.


Rocky: Tinka has a crush on you.

Ty: (smiles widely) Really?
CeCe: Oh yeah! Big crush! Elephant stepping on hard boiled egg sized crush!

Ty: Oh well, I'm a little surprised… that it took her so long to recognize my GAME!
Ty: Tinka. May I just say, the sparkles your wearing really bring out the sparkle in your eyes.
Tinka: And may I just say, you body spray really brings out the breakfast from my stomach.
Ty: So Tinka. Me and you. This weekend. I'm thinking dinner and a show.

Tinka: Only if you drop off the dinner and show yourself out the door.
Ty: Oh Tinka. Drop the act. I know you got a thing for me!
Tinka: (laughs) Oh poor soft headed Ty! Where would you get an idea like that?
Ty: CeCe and Rocky told me. Oh! They also gave me the gift you made.
Tinka: What? (takes gift) The "I Heart TYtanic"? Oh my goodness! Is that you and me in the iconic "King of the World" pose?
Ty: (sits next to Tinka with a big smile)

Tinka: Where's a zip-line when you need one?
CeCe: I am staying loyal…... to my new dressing room and clothing allowance!



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  • This is the first appearance of Gary Wilde since Fire It Up, although he has been mentioned several times in various episodes.
  • This is the first time the short for Shake It Up is used, SIU.
  • This is the last appearance of Phill.
  • "Dance Factor" is a parody of the hit show "X-Factor".
  • Spongy Cakes are a parody of Twinkies by Hostess.


  • When Flynn was about to tell Deuce the bad news about spongy cakes, you could see behind Deuce, Stacy Paruso's locker from the previous episode, with the Harvard stickers on it. But in Stress It Up, the episode right before, she ripped the stickers off her locker after she didn't get into Harvard.


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