Klaus Hessenheffer is Gunther Hessenheffer and Tinka Hessenheffer's little cousin. He first appeared in "Auction It Up", where CeCe and Rocky had to babysit him. He appeared in "Judge It Up", where CeCe and Rocky agreed to dance for his birthday party. He has many of Gunther and Tinka's traits, having the evil-snark to him, but also seems to have a slight kinder side, as shown when he tried to stop Gunther and Tinka and Rocky and CeCe from arguing. He is portrayed by Nicholas Braico.


Season 2

  • Auction It Up: CeCe and Rocky had to babysit him in order to get the money they needed to save Miss Nancy's Fancy Dance Academy after Gunther and Tinka won them in an auction. Klaus seemed sweet at first, telling Rocky and CeCe "thank you for welcoming me into your wonderful home." After his cousins left, he showed his true nature, kicking the girls for fun and wanting to watch a television show that was inappropriate for his age ("Jersey Hills"). He scared the girls into hiding after a series of weird things happened at CeCe's apartment, such as the lights cutting out and the kettle going off. He took the money that they raised themselves, cutting up the bills and using them to deco polish a shoebox. He disappeared at the end of the episode with the lights cutting out again and scaring Gunther, Tinka, CeCe and Rocky. Tinka said everything would be fine as long he didn't have scissors (which he did).
  • Judge It Up: Gunther and Tinka hired Rocky and CeCe to dance at his birthday party at Crusty's. He claims his birthday party was ruined. Gunther and Tinka accused Rocky and CeCe of scaring the kids at the party, ruining Klaus' cake and yelling at him, which made him cry. Rocky and CeCe then claimed that Tinka smashed cake into Klaus' face, and that's what made him cry and what ruined his party. It revealed in a surveillance video from Deuce that it was all four of them that ruined Klaus' party with their arguing. Klaus tried to stop their arguing on stage by suggesting that they have cake instead, bringing it over only to have Gunther and CeCe accidentally knock it out of his hands and onto the floor. He appeared at the end of the episode, turning the case on the group, suing for money and a new cake.


  • In "Auction It Up," he is seen wearing traditional clothing from their country. In "Judge It Up," he is wearing flashy clothing similar to Gunther and Tinka.
  • He shouldn't be near scissors.
  • He can turn off the sun.
  • He kicks people.
  • He enjoys watching Jersey Hills, a spoof of Jersey Shore.
  • In "Auction It Up," he was portrayed as a evil and mysterious little boy, but in "Judge It Up," he acted more like a normal boy that you felt sorry for.


  • "How do you like that baybee?"
  • "My part is ruined! My party is ruined!"
  • "Okay, how 'bout we play a game?" CeCe: "Sure I'll play," (Kicks her in shins) "What the heck kinda game is that?" Klaus: "It's called kick you in the shins!" Rocky: "Okay well let's play another game," (Kicks Rocky in the shins) Klaus: "That's called kick the other one in the shins! How do you like that, bay-bee?"
  • "Now, can I watch Jersey Hills?"
  • "Oh, did I do something bad?"
  • "Not so fast, your honor!"
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