Nothing, there's no way a cricket and a tiger could possibly communicate, and technically crickets do not speak, they rub their legs to create auditory vibrations.


Kick It Up
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Season: 1
Episode: 5
Production code: 107
Broadcast number: 5
Written by:
Ron Zimmerman
Directed by:
Shelley Jensen
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
December 5, 2010
International airdate:
February 19, 2011 (Poland)

February 19, 2011 (Romania)
February 19, 2011 (Czech Republic)
February 19, 2011 (Hungary)
March 4, 2011 (Latin America)
March 4, 2011 (Brazil)
April 5, 2011 (Netherlands / Flanders)
May 6, 2011 (Catalonia)
May 6, 2011 (Spain)
May 8, 2011 (Japan)
May 18, 2011 (France)
June 2, 2011 (Italy)
June 16, 2011 (Germany)
July 16, 2011 (Israel)

Kick It Up is the 5th episode from season 1 of Shake It Up and the 5th of the overall series. It first aired on December 5, 2010.


When CeCe learns that she and Rocky may be spending too much time together, they decide to take time apart from each other. But, when Rocky meets a new group of friends, CeCe gets jealous. The subplot involves Flynn taking his new genius friend, Henry, to karate class with him.

Episode Summary

CeCe, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka are guessing who their weekly mystery guest is. Gunther hopes that the guest is Justin Bieber and Tinka agrees. CeCe points out that they always guess Justin Bieber and it will never be Justin Bieber. When the guest says he is blond and has green eyes, Rocky knows that he is Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance. Gunther and Tinka reject that Rocky is a witch as CeCe teases, but when Rocky's guess is correct, the two run from them, scared. Kent Boyd dances to All Electric. Rocky and CeCe are outside of the apartment building, eating an ice cream sundae. A crash comes from CeCe's apartment, and Flynn asks for the hot glue gun. CeCe runs in, while Deuce invites Rocky on a double date at the movies. Flynn is practicing karate in his apartment when Henry knocks at the door. Henry informs Flynn that he was bullied by Sally Van Buren, so Flynn enrolls him in his karate class to fend off bullies. Flynn wonders why Henry never explodes in mindless violence. Henry starts thinking about it, so Flynn kicks Henry in the rear. Henry says painfully that it's the one part Sally left alone. Rocky, Ricky, Deuce, and Theresa are at the movies. Rocky mentions that the movie is a cross between a slasher movie and a chick flick. The killer whacks a leg off when CeCe joins the movie. Rocky tells her that a leg, nose, and two ears were cut off, and Bobby proposed. CeCe puts peanuts in the popcorn, but Ricky can't eat the popcorn because he is alergic. After he lists the symptoms, CeCe simply states that she doesn't like cilantro. Deuce puts his arm around Theresa, saying he is tired. Seeing this, Ricky puts his arms around Rocky and CeCe too. They laugh at how old the move is. Rocky suggests to him to never learn moves from Deuce, stating that he puts peanut butter in his mouth so dogs kiss him. At school, the two talk about their lunches. Rocky has an egg sandwich and CeCe has a peanut butter and jelly bagel. They switch their lunches as Deuce comes by. He points out that Rocky and CeCe are always joined together, like Gunther and Tinka. Deuce teases that he is surprised that one does not chew their food while the other swallows it, when Rocky and CeCe do the same thing. They see no connection between them and Gunther and Tinka. They see them switch goat and turnip stew and reindeer and sauerkraut gumbo, which makes CeCe rethink things. Henry joins the karate class. Sensei Ira puts a stick on the corner and almost every other stick falls down. He yells out to Tommy Thompson that he did not pay a cheque in two weeks and forced him to the ATM machine. Henry tells Ira that he is a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago. CeCe thinks Deuce may be right and decides to separate from Rocky for a while. CeCe yells out to her mom that she is leaving, which leaves Rocky alone in the living room of the Jones' apartment. Soon after, Flynn is seen running in only in his underwear and a cowboy hat while holding a plastic gun. Flynn sees that Rocky did not leave with CeCe and said their situation was awkward. CeCe is talking about going to the park and meeting boys, and it turns out that she is talking to Flynn. Flynn rejects her. She calls her old friend Miriam and asks to hang out, finding out that it was two years since their last hang out. Miriam tells her that she moved to Turkey, which CeCe responds with saying that Thanksgiving must be exciting in Turkey. Miriam hangs up on her. Afterward, CeCe is leaving a message on the phone to go hang out and telling the person on the other line that she loves them; it's her grandma. CeCe runs into Rocky outside their building and tells her she may go to Turkey for Thanksgiving. Rocky does not think they celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey. CeCe doesn't believe her. She sees that she already made new friends at her karate class, and CeCe fears she may be wrong for separating from Rocky. CeCe talks about having a new friend who is a "super cool chick". She goes to the movies with Tinka and talks about how nice a friend she is. Tinka thinks they are frenemies and CeCe thinks the important part is friends, but Tinka thinks the important part is enemies. CeCe laughs at this and exclaims Tinka is very funny. Tinka invited Gunther and wants him to sit with her. Tinka asks him if he brought cocktail weenies fo the popcorn and Gunther definitely did. Deuce shows up with Theresa apologizing about their last date. When he sees he had sat next to CeCe, he immediately moves away, afraid that she will ruin his date again. CeCe asks Gunther and Tinka if they are worried that they do everything together. They show that they are individuals, just individuals together. In the movie, the killer whacks a finger off and Gunther throws a weenie in Deuce's popcorn. Deuce thinks it's the finger, screams, and runs out. CeCe joins the karate class to apologize and make up with Rocky. Rocky earns a yellow belt that can be bought at the gift shop for $29.95. CeCe wants a black belt to match her clothes. Ira replies that it took 20 years for him to become a perfectly honed fighting machine. He asks for a cinder block and lowers it until it is on the floor and just ends up sitting on it. He gets Helga to spar with CeCe, who falls during their bow. She asks to have an easier student to fight. Flynn rewards Henry with a diploma if he beats CeCe in karate, and Henry runs toward CeCe but she easily holds his head back with her hand. Rocky tells her to listen to herself and look out. CeCe is confused by this when Henry knocks her down. Flynn leaves with Henry to buy a diploma and proudly says he beat a girl. CeCe says she hates karate.

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Running Gags

The Hessenheffers!

Gunther: I am Gunther, and where is Tinka?
Tinka: Over here! Come sit with me, so we can be...
Both: The Hessenheffers!
Audience: Shh!
Gunther: Oh, "Shh!" yourself.

Tinka: These Hollywood writers know nothing of real life.
Gunther: We should write a screenplay!
Both: The Hessenheffers in 3-D!
Audience: Shh!
Gunther: Oh, "Shh!" yourself.

Memorable Quotes

Ira: Tommy Thompson, I have not seen a check from you in two weeks! Get out! (Tommy leaves) Let your spirit guide you all the way to the ATM machine on the corner!
CeCe: (on the phone) Let's hang out, let's go crazy, let's go meet BOYS! Call me back. Love you, Grandma.
Tinka: Did you bring the cocktail weenies?
Gunther: Of course. What is popcorn without weenies? That is like lasagna without fish heads!
Flynn: Hi-ya!

Henry: Hi-ya!

CeCe: (walking in) Hiya!
CeCe: Popcorn mix it up?

Rocky: Please!

(CeCe pours chocolate-covered peanuts into the popcorn)

Ricky: Oh I can't eat that now I'm allergic to peanuts

CeCe: Oh, what happens?

Ricky: I swell up, my face breaks out in hives and I can't breathe.

CeCe: Oh. I don't like cilantro.
Henry: I wish to learn, sensei.

Ira: Then first you must answer this ancient riddle, what did the cricket say to the tiger when it entered its lair?

Henry: Nothing, there's no way a cricket and a tiger could possibly communicate, and technically crickets do not speak, they rub their legs to create auditory vibrations.

Flynn: Henry, now I want to beat you up.
CeCe: Plus I'm even planning a trip to Turkey for Thanksgiving

Rocky: What? Do they even celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey?

CeCe: Well the country's not called meatloaf is it?
Deuce: Rocky, good news, you know how you've always wanted to hang out with Ricky Nestor?

Rocky: Yeah well I've always wanted to hang out with him not hang out

Deuce: Well, now you get to hang out with him at the movies. Or hang out with him at the movies.

Rocky: Just the three of us, uh

Deuce: No his sister Tereasa's coming too, she and I are gonna hang out . Ow, my fingers are starting to cramp up.

Rocky: Sounds good, text me with the dets

Deuce: You know what, my fingers hurt too much now, I'll just call, ow why do I keep doing that I'm so stu-pid ow!


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Gunther and Tinka must be fans of Justin Bieber.
  • The slasher/chick flick movie CeCe and Rocky went to, Eat Pray Kill, is a reference to Columbia Pictures's movie Eat Pray Love based on Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir of the same name.
  • First episode where a main character is absent


  • If CeCe had no idea Miriam moved to Turkey, she should not have known her new phone number, unless she still had her old cell phone.
  • Kent Boyd says he had green eyes in his appearance, but he has blue eyes.
  • When Flynn asks CeCe where the glue gun is, you can see CeCe stuff a wad of ice cream in her mouth and drops some while running into the building. In the next scene, it is gone. It is not possible for ice cream to melt that fast. And if it did melt, there would be a puddle where it was.
  • CeCe says that Gunther always guesses Justin Bieber and it is never Justin Bieber but Gunther hasn't been seen saying it before. However, Gunther may have guessed that every week off camera, thus correcting the error.
  • When Flynn tells Henry that Sally Van Buren played a tulip in last year's school play, Henry knows what he is talking about. This could not have been possible because Henry is a college student and does not go to Flynn's school.
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