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Kella (Kenton/Bella), is the real life pairing of Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne. They are actually close friends off-screen and they dated two months before Shake It Up Aired. Prior to Shake It Up, Kenton and Bella worked together on the 2009 horror film, Forget Me Not, where they portrayed Young Chad and Young Angela, respectively. They are also known for their Shake It Up characters, Gunther Hessenheffer and CeCe Jones, and their pairing name, GeCe.

Pairing Names

  • Benton (Be/lla + Ke/nton)
  • Belton (Bel/la + Ken/ton)
  • Kentla (Kent/on + Bel/la)
  • Kentella (Kent/on + B/ella)
  • Bellenton (Bell/a + K/enton)
  • Kenlla (Ken/ton + Be/lla)


Kenton about Bella

  • Bella is just bubbly excitement, doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger or not, she just loves being around people and loves to be kind to them.[1]

Bella about Kenton

  • Kenton is so funny and we both work really hard for dancing. We both weren't dancers before the show and Caroline and Zendaya have been dancing since they were really little. We were the only ones who came on with no dance experience, so we've always work together really hard and when everybody isn't practicing we still go over the moves. So I appreciate him working so hard on everything.
  • I've always known Kenton. I've known him since I've moved out here. He and I are really close. And Adam and I are also really close. They are like my brothers.
  • (Q: Did you know any of your co-stars before you got the show?) Yes, I knew Kenton Duty. He plays Gunther. He plays my arch-rival, and we're just so close. We're such good friends.'

Joint Quotes

  • Bella's favorite episode is "Hot Mess It Up!"
Bella: One of my favorite episodes just aired. I got to go on a date with Kenton because I'm his little love kitten, which was a little awkward.
Kenton: Hey, you just told one of my favorite lines! That's one of my favorites as well.[2]

Twitter Moments

  • Bella and Kenton frequently tweet each other:
bellathorne: ily @kentonjduty [x]
bellathorne: Resting with @kentonjduty on the way to dance
kentonjduty: Had an awesome day on set! You guys are going to love this episode! Dance included! @bellathorne143
kentonjduty: Btw if youre following me but not the awesome @bellathorne143 follow now!
  • March 8, 2011:
bellathorne: u are a maniac but I love ya
kentonjduty: haha same to you!
bellathorne: hope u had a good workout :)
kentonjduty: I did thx!
  • March 15, 2011:
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 are you stoked for dance?
bellathorne: @kentonjduty look at ur right leg and tell me.
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 I'm going to take that and say that youre tired.
bellathorne: @kentonjduty yeah I'd say that. I didn't get 2 sleep in and I'm not a morning person.
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 rise and shine we at dance rehearsal.
bellathorne: @kentonjduty ugh. Stretchhhhhh
  • March 15, 2011:
bellathorne: So in case u didn't know we have the best guys on our set @kentonjduty carried all my shopping bags!
bellathorne: And u knw I shop a lot so thank u @kentonjduty
  • June 4, 2011:
bellathorne: on my way to the city of hope picnic with @princesspiamia @remytherat22 and @kentonjduty
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 it's gonna be a blast! Can't wait to hang out with you and all the kids!
  • August 17, 2011:
SibylDiamonds: @bellathorne143 what's it like working with @kentonjduty on shake it up? Plz follow me it'd mean a lot :) #35
bellathorne: @SibylDiamonds @kentonjduty aww he's the greatest and looks out for me :)
kentonjduty: thanks bel =)
  • September 12, 2011:
bellathorne: Everyone should be following @kentonjduty he is gunther baybeee and awesome
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 thanks for the help bel! Wow #bellatweetpower welcome to all the new followers let me introduce to you #jesusswag #dreambig
bellathorne: @kentonjduty no thank u for always supporting me!!!! u rock!
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 NO!!! You Rock!!!!
  • September 21, 2011:
bellathorne: @kentonjduty needs to have wayyyyy more followers :)
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 you are so sweet!!!!!!!
  • October 18, 2011:
bellathorne: @kentonjduty so good to hear from u. Glad u are having fun on the film.
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 finished the film, just got from visiting Texas, and now I'm to see ya on set!
bellathorne: @kentonjduty finally!
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 you going to any of the events Saturday?
bellathorne: @Kentonjduty I'm working sat but am going on sun. Will I see u?
kentonjduty: @Bellathorne143 quite possibly
  • November 8, 2011:
bellathorne: everyone follow @kentonjduty he is amazingggg
bellathorne: @kentonjduty #foundyou
bellathorne: thank the heavens...@kentonjduty is back. i have missed u
kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 haha glad to be back! you too!
bellathorne: @kentonjduty tomorrow will be so much funnnnnnnn <3
  • November 15, 2011:
bellathorne: because me z and kenton can't get enough of each other.... [x]
bellathorne: so here's the day was like ech. i was feeling besties z and kenton came thru & said..u could do betta
bellathorne: this is my life <3 [x]
  • November 24, 2011:
bellathorne: Happy thanks giving from cece and Gunther:) [x]


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