Cuckoo, time's up!

–Kat to Rocky in Copy Kat It Up

Kat is an uber Shake It Up, Chicago! fan who loves Rocky and CeCe. She is featured in the episode "Copy Kat It Up" and is portrayed by Kerris Dorsey.

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Kat and CeCe


At the start, Kat seems like a sweet girl to CeCe and Rocky, but they haven't seen the "real" her and her true intentions throughout the episode. Rocky and CeCe meet Kat at Crusty's. After hearing how much she loved them and their show, Shake It Up, Chicago!, Rocky and CeCe invite her over to CeCe's apartment to watch them dance. She pressures them to tell Gary to hire her as an intern on the show. She begins dressing up like CeCe, wears her hair like CeCe, and even tries to "accidentally" injure CeCe. She helps choreograph one of the dances and is really good at it. This surprises Rocky, since Kat told her that she couldn't dance. Kat even tries to replace CeCe on the show, but Rocky tells her that she isn't going to get away with it, which doesn't faze her. She sends CeCe to a store across town to get a popcorn costume. But when CeCe arrives, she fights for the spotlight. At the end, she moves to New York to join "Shake It Up, New York", although the email she had received was a fake email sent by CeCe and Rocky.

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  • She attends John Hughes High School.
  • She wears glasses, but since she can see without them, she is probably far-sighted.
  • She appearantly knows how to dance.
  • She knows how to knit.
  • She knows where CeCe lives.
  • Even though she portrays herself as a loser, she is very devious.
  • She knows how to get into other people's emails.
  • She wanted to trick CeCe to get on Shake It Up, Chicago.
  • She claimed she couldn't dance because she's clumsy, but she lied.
  • Initially, Kat's name was supposed to be Evie and the episode Copy Kat It Up was originally titled All About Evie It Up.
  • Even though her name became Kat instead of Evie, it still came up as Evie during the Copy Kat It Up credits.
  • She gets pranked by CeCe.
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Memorable Quotes

Cuckoo, times up.
A few minutes wouldn't kill anyone.
You guys are the best!
I'm so sorry CeCe!
Listen to me gushing on and on, nerd city, population me.
What was I thinking?! My lips aren't good enough for your gloss!


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