I'm not JUSTIN STARR! Seriously, I'm just... Justin Starr.
— Justin Starr in Age It Up
Justin Starr
Justin Starr|
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Justin Starr
27 (24 in Age It Up)
c. 1986
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Karen Thomas (wife and manager)
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Justin Starr is a teen pop singer and dancer who appeared in "Age It Up". He is a parody of teen pop singer Justin Bieber. He came to Shake It Up, Chicago! to perform his song "Not Too Young", which is featured on the Shake It Up: Break It Down soundtrack, featuring Nevermind. He is portrayed by Chris Trousdale.

Age It Up

He was scheduled to perform on "Shake It Up, Chicago!" and needed dancers to perform with him, choosing CeCe and Rocky  after his manager rejected a handful of other hopefuls. His manager, Karen Thomas, tells CeCe and Rocky  that he is 16-years-old and needs young dancers like them, but it was later revealed he is 24 and only said he was 16 to appeal to girls Rocky and CeCe's age. Rocky is very dejected by this, but relentlessly carries on loving him.

Age It Up 38

It was also revealed he is having a relationship with his manager after CeCe  took a souvenir picture of Rocky in his hat, and in the background, Justin and Karen were kissing. Not knowing what to do, CeCe accidentally sent it to everyone on her contact list (after meaning to send it to her mom) and it ended up on the news, causing Justin to reveal the truth. He and Karen revealed that not only is she his manager, but she is his wife, too. He ended up thanking Rocky and CeCe for revealing it to the world, because now he could live a normal life like any 'young billionaire' instead of having to pretend.

Age It Up 40

Justin with his manager


  • It was stated by Tinka that he got discovered after posting videos of himself singing on the internet, like Justin Bieber.
  • Justin is revealed to be 24-years-old, not 16. ("Age It Up")
  • Justin likes to think of himself as a normal teen.
  • Justin is married to his manager, Karen Thomas.
  • Justin's fake name is "Dorian Gray".
  • His last name is the same from Austin & Ally's music producer, Jimmy Starr.
  • Justin was an adult pretending to be a teen. On television shows, it is common that a young adult plays a teenager.
  • He is a parody of Justin Bieber.
  • Rocky's celebrity crush is Justin Starr.


  • "I'm not JUSTIN STARR! Seriously, I'm just Justin Starr."
  • "Check out my zit."
  • "My mom says I'm too young to date."
  • "Hey everyone, I'm Justin."
  • "What about them [Rocky and CeCe]? They look totally cool."
  • Gunther and Tinka: "I'm Gunther, and I'm Tinka, and we are the Hessenheffer's!"
    Karen: "Too weird."
    Justin: "Can't argue with that one."
  • "But you'll grow."
  • "Great smiles though."